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Nino, your grandpa is nuts!

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Nino's grandpa has read too many books and now he thinks he is a knight. Now Nino has to look for him! But Nino has played too many videogames too...

Join Nino in an exciting Undertale's inspired Turn-Based Twin-Stick Shooter, where he must look for his grandfather, who has gone nuts. And like grandpa, like grandson! Travel through a familiar but strange world, distorted by Nino's mind.

You can play with Mouse & Keyboard (recommended) and with Controller.


Mouse & Keyboard

- Movement: WASD

- Aim: Mouse

- Shoot/Interact: Left Mouse Button

- Dash: Right Mouse Button


- Movement: Left Stick

- Aim: Right Stick

- Shoot/Interact: Right Shoulder

- Dash: Left Shoulder


- Delunado: Programming / Game Design / Narrative / SFX

- Eufrasio: Art / Game Design / Narrative

- Paco Diago: Music (and very good music!)

Check our indie studio Alien Garden!

All the game is made from scratch in only 7 days with so much love, affection and, and some unforeseen, except for a couple of SFX and the font text. To enjoy!

You can listen to the Original Soundtrack here: https://soundcloud.com/pacodiago/sets/nino-tu-abuelo-esta-majara

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YEah this is Pretty good. YEAh.

It's a simple but fun little game. I feel like it should be expanded upon, since you got some nice gameplay ideas (such as the white being defensive shields, even being able to be put around the player to stop them shooting), and the car boss was fairly difficult (The Grampa could of been more difficult, he was more defense than offense)

I reckon, make the patterns more complex and interesting, use more varied mechanics, improve upon the level design (It was frankly just a corridor), and make better reasons for enemies to fight you. The story was incredibly bare bones and random.
Also, I would like a no kill route, which is more difficult but rewards the player in a sense.

All in all, not bad, I would love to see this expanded upon in future. Into a much larger game with more interesting and difficult foes.

Delunado responds:

Thank you very much for playing! I agree with your ideas. It is a Game Jam game so it was made in just 7 days, lots of ideas haven't been included because of that. I'll take them into account, thank you again!

Credits & Info

3.28 / 5.00

Nov 26, 2020
12:41 PM EST
  • Aseprite
  • Unity