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Closed Circuit

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A simple yet intense side-scrolling cyberpunk shooter!

Created by Criobite in 72 hours during Ludum Dare 47

(including all art/animation, music, and sound design)

WASD/Arrow keys to move

Mouse to aim/fire

R to reload

Epilepsy Warning: Game contains flashing lights & visuals


POST-JAM​ UPDATE: Reduced camera-shake & flashing effects

Watch the development timelapse to see how it was made!

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EPIC thats the only thing i can say

i think this is a solid base to create a more deep game, i liked the idea of going in circles between colors, but there is not actual progression, at one point i started to aim at the lights or the other things in the ceiling to see if there was something hidden, but nope, there wasn't any, maybe with this idea you can build more things, like the first level being an endless simulation that you have to scape from, otherwise is just like flipping a coin, it will get old fast.
as for the graphics, i really liked it, they have a lot of live in them, each room being a different color its a nice change at the very start, the design of the characters is recognisable and the music add a great touch to all.
overall, i think you have a good idea, but need to flesh it out more

Its really disappointing to see this game lack much creativity. that art and everythings cool and all, but it needs more. big platform areas, ajump button, crouching. hell maybe even more guns. the game's cool, but it lacks substance. i hope to see stuff from u in the future however.

It gets old fast I would recommend adding more to do but other that It's a good game

Needs more to do, killing one at a time is the gameplay loop.

Credits & Info

3.38 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2020
7:55 PM EST