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Dream Skipping

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Author Comments

This as a platformer adventure with a twist where you are dreaming and experience your crazy and weird dreams and now playable in browser . Made with passion and love :)

This was a game made for the beginner Game Jam .

November 7th

-Fixed a few things

-removed the quit buttons

-changed some of the artwork

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Cool start for a game!

i thought the idea of visitng stages that are different dreams was cool - I think it would be great to develop it out a bit more and include some more dream like elements!

Why is there a "Quit" button at the last screen (Thanks...) ? That won't work on HTML games.

There is a lot that can be improved here but I like the concept of different planets being different dreams. Honestly it's not bad and I think it's a great game to be part of a beginner Game Jam. There are some bugs present and some issues with game design, but I think that the game can be made better with some work.

Here are some bugs I found:

- Textbox - The textbox when you get to the planet map is cut from the sides, so I can't read all of the text but I can still understand what the character is saying.

- Wall Jumping - I can clip through the wall and immediately jump after getting out to perform a wall jump. I can easily speed run through the game using that exploit.

- Infinite Fall - On some parts on the planet map, the player can fall endlessly and get stuck falling instead of respawning on a planet.

- 1st Door - I can stand on the 1st door and it won't let me enter through the right. The other doors allow me to enter from all sides while I can only enter the 1st door from the left.

- Arrow after final door - Does that arrow lead to anything? I tried looking but I just fell and wasn't able to respawn. All it lead me to was to two other planets but there wasn't anything on them.

I also have some suggestions that you might want to look into:

- R to Respawn Button - If the player can just press R to respawn, then the player no longer has to completely reload the game whenever they get stuck.

- Space to Continue instead of E - I think that the spacebar will be a better button to continue conversations since the controls of the game are the arrow keys and spacebar. That way the player would only focus on the buttons that are used in the gameplay.

- Level Design - The level design seems a bit too simplistic at the moment, but since the game seems to be in early development then that is completely fine. However, it is also a good time to experiment on more complex level designs and see what would work well. That would help give practice and experience when developing games in the future.

Also one last thing, is there a typo in the name of the game? Did you mean "Dream Skipping" instead of "Deam Skipping"? I looked into your itch.io page and saw the game named "Dream Skipping" so the title might be currently missing an r.

Again, nice job on this little platformer!

Credits & Info

2.96 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2020
10:47 AM EDT