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Sewage Escape DX Director's Cut

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Author Comments

Welcome to Sewage Escape DX- Director is cut edition! (V1.2.2- Now with checkpoints!)

Green Cube has somehow ended up in the sewers, and must escape!

Test your skills in this difficult platformer, and aim for the best time possible.

CONTROLS: Use the left and right arrow keys to move, press the up arrow to jump, and the down arrow to come to a stop. In the "Super" Gameplay style(The default), hold down when jumping to do a short jump.

OBJECTIVE: Head to the right to get up and out of the sewers- and make SURE to not come in contact with anything red. Cubes don't like red.

Note: This version features different audio than the Scratch 2/Scratch 3 versions of Sewage Escape DX. It is otherwise identical to the Scratch 2 version.

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words stay too long

NinjaWeedle64 responds:

You press keys to move it along. It’s not a complicated thing, and all dialogue can be essentially skipped by mashing any key. You do have to release keys before you press another during dialouge though. Perhaps reconsider your score?

No checkpoints is NFG.

NinjaWeedle64 responds:

This seems to have be a common complaint, so I've added a checkpoint that triggers when you clear level 3(alongside some music updates). Hopefully this makes the game more playable.

Game design is bad. There are no hints at all that give you an idea of how the game works and the sound effects are god awful. Next time just try to make an actual game.

NinjaWeedle64 responds:

Fair enough, I had to replace the sound effects on the Newgrounds version for copyright reasons (Unless the rules are more lax than I thought) and can agree they are pretty subpar. I should probably include more of a tutorial, which shouldn't be too hard to do considering the objective is mostly "go right and up". At the same time- this is a remaster of a game I made 5 years ago, so I'm not too sure of what you were expecting this to be. There are also a few hints at where to go - level 3 in particular suggests going into the portal.

Still- I'll keep this in mind for when Super Sewage Escape is eventually finished.

The game is broken, I can't move to the left of any of the screens.

NinjaWeedle64 responds:

That's...Intentional. You aren't supposed to go to the left. You're supposed to go right.

Great designs, fluid controls, fine music, and okay sound effects. The eye movements were a neat touch. The push back when you press against something and jump was definitely an intriguing mechanic. It would be helpful if there was a replay button for the individual levels as I kept having to restart the whole game before figuring a strategy out which is a bit monotonous. The automatic jump at level 2 was confusing whether or not you wanted that to be a hint or not. Clearly there's a lot of thought and effort put into this game, but having one life ruins the experience. Furthermore the pushback with the wall jumps exemplified some questionable physics. I didn't get very far into the game, but can clearly see a lot of care was put into making it.

NinjaWeedle64 responds:

Thanks for the feedback- On the topic of wall push back, you can always try a different one of the 3 gameplay styles under "Options". The "automatic jump" happens when your x and y speed isn't reset, and that should only happen in gameplay style 1(unless you are referring to the part where you are launched upwards in the final segment, which happens in all the styles).

The "one life" thing was something I was debating removing(Either that or adding a multi-hit system to gameplay style 3), but I decided to keep that in. I see now that I should change this in the future.
Once again- Thanks for the feedback!

Credits & Info

2.49 / 5.00

Oct 22, 2020
4:22 PM EDT
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  • Scratch 2