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That Dream Again

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a nostalgic exploration game made for Ludum Dare 47. bounce, swing, glide—and most importantly, fall—through the mysterious Dreamer’s pastel reverie. can you wake them?

Find Upgrades, Ring the Chimes, Awaken the Dreamer

A Game By Bokonon & Yossarian

Music, Consult, Additional Sound Design by turgidharrier

Submission page: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/47/that-dream-again


A / D | left arrow / right arrow |DPad Left / DPad Right | Drift

S | down arrow | DPad Down | Tuck (unlock first)

W | up arrow | DPad Up | Glide (unlock first)

Spacebar | Bottom Face Button | Grappling Hook (unlock first)

Shift | LB | Compass (unlock first)

Tab | RB | ??? (unlock first)

U|Top Face Button| check stats

HOOKSHOT HELP(when unlocked)



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i collected all the abilities but what's the next? nothing more to do in the map !!

Incredibly well made game! The hookshots range felt a little bit short and tedious to use, which made me avoid using, as it wasn't vital to playing the game.

Wow. Just. Wow.

Awesome game love the concept, it's not too difficult. would definitely recommend

this game was hella fun, would totally pay to have more levels (that is, if i had any money lmao)