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Among Us the Musical

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A very meaningful song and dance for the Purple Imposter Animation Jam!

Special thanks to Newgrounds and InnerSloth for forcing this out of the deepest, darkest recesses of my subconscious, I can die with no regrets now...

My Tweety

Keep chewing fellas!

Update: I put the music up on the audio portal, so you can listen to it and download it and whatever if you want.


Among us

We are not alone

Among us

We are trying to get home

Among us

Gotta finish all the tasks

Among us

Before the last of us gets capped

I'll map a course to find our way

Chart, chart, chart, ugh!

I'll get scanned in the medical bay

Scan, scan, scan, ahh!

I'll dump the trash it ain't too hard

Dump, dump, dump, oof!

I'll try to swipe that damn key card

Shit, fuck, ass, ooh I finally gyah!

Among us

Gotta make it back alive

Among us

To fail is suicide

Among us

Is the monster in our heads

Among us

Are all of my friends dead

I don't want to be the bad guy

I just want to be like you

But this task was assigned to me

So I'll see it through...

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Why is this actually good?

All these songs FlamingPickle makes are great!


This brought a tear to my eye, I wouldn't be surprised if this went on Broadway.