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Orbital Defense Cannon

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Made in 2 days for Ludum Dare 47, the theme was "Stuck in a Loop."

You are the operator for the orbital defense cannon based on the moon. Your job is to destroy asteroids and any unknown aircrafts which may endanger planet earth. The fate of the planet rests in your hands, operator.

Use the mouse to aim and left click to fire.

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good game

It's a very simple game that shares DNA with asteroids which is pretty neat if we look at old school video games for inspiration. I thought I would lose immediately for shooting at the earth, but it fine. Although that would be a interesting handicap to put in. maybe some power ups for the cannon would spice up the game. It depends if you wish to make another game like this.

orange08 responds:

Thank you! A powerup spawns every 1500 points.

For a good portion of playing I actually thought that you were meant to avoid shooting the planet yourself and had to wait to orbit around earth to the right position as not to catch the earth in the crossfire and while realizing this wasn't the case did make it easier I do feel like something was lost.

orange08 responds:

Yeah, I wasn't sure what the right call was about that, in the end I just decided to make it easier for the player by making the bullets go through the earth. It was a tricky decision to make... but I'm not sure there is anything wrong with either decision.

I actually like this, it's really beefy and chunky of a weapon. And there's actually some unexpected enemy types I usually don't expect to see in this type of game. As well as the nuance of needing to REALLY protect yourself over the planet because you die in one hit and you can't come back. Good job dude, you should really expand on this idea more in future.

orange08 responds:

Thank you for the nice review, TankTheta!
If I had more time I think I would have added some more elements, maybe even some object types floating by that are neutral, but interact in odd ways with the other objects. Glad you enjoyed it!