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Escape: Enigma Intrusion

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Author Comments

Escape: Enigma Intrusion is about escaping an everlasting possession from the unknown by surviving and tracing your lost memories. You must figure out the truth on your own in a detective fashion to escape the approaching horrors.

At base, it's a classic point and clicks puzzle adventure but with a horrifying premise. It features a story with choices mechanic that can arrive in a different ending. 

This is my first indie game published on newgrounds, any feedback are greatly appreciated.

Thanks for playing!


Left click / Drag / Hover to interact

Drag item to area of interest/ drag item to each other to combine

Pressing on A button from right top will provide you tips. 

It can be used every 60 seconds.


Fixed the leave button issue.

Added additional interaction feedback.

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Awesome game. I liked everything about it. The graphics are superb, the music really adds to the atmosphere, and the storyline intriguing. It took a while for me to realize that the lights not being on and the disorientation in the various hallways were probably more about the mental state of the protagonist, rather than my clumsiness in navigation (or at least I can flatter myself to think so LOL).
There were a couple of snags for me, the game froze in chapter 3, but fortunately reloading brought me back to a screen where I could choose Ch 3, and it reloaded from the beginning of the chapter. I had a lot of difficulty with the electric switches, that was very confusing for me, but I own that.
I hope you make more games; I think that being able to do so is such a skill. Thanks for sharing this on NG. Haven't enjoyed a game as much as this for a long while.

Game wouldn't load for me.


the game wont load for me

I enjoyed this game as a psychological and story-driven point-n-click. The art is well done and really pulls you into the atmosphere. The music is moody and atmospheric - it doesn't try to take over the experience, and that's a good thing. The story is also interesting, although I still don't quite understand all of it (I kinda like the fact that I don't understand all of it). Also, having different options at the end is a good idea.

There are a few gripes that I have, and I hope that the feedback helps in your future projects. The UI is a bit clunky. Sometimes I had to click the box in the bottom-left corner multiple times before it registered (maybe I wasn't clicking within the correct part of the box, but how would I know?). Also, the Chapter 2's having to walk back and forth in the halls ~5 times in order to be able to interact with things was rather annoying, but I understand how it fits into the narrative (moving in and out of human consciousness). Maybe there's a better way of showing this - I dunno.

Also as some have mentioned, the grammar is not very decent. Normally that's a minor issue, but in a game like this, it tends to take the player out of the immersion. The grammar doesn't have to be great really, just decent.

I also would have liked a bit more detective work within the gameplay itself, so that I could see what choices I may have to make (which became more apparent to me as I was completing the Intrusion Ending and having to rely on the hints). SPOILER: I never really picked up on the fact that there were discrepancies in my memories until the game "narrator" told me so.

Oh, and I never had the problem some others have had with the leave button when looking at my arm (on Firefox).

All in all, I really liked it. Good job and good luck with your future projects.

MissingGames responds:

Thank you for writing this! it makes me want to work even harder in making games haha
And yup... I totally agree with your feedback, the interface and interaction part really need upgrading. I should have handled it with the same priority as the graphics, sound and story, considering that it's what people see and uses all the time. Grammar wise, I will have to practice writing more or get someone to help in my future projects.
Anyway, I am glad you enjoyed the game and thanks! :)

Credits & Info

3.30 / 5.00

Oct 3, 2020
8:43 AM EDT