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First Blood 5 Points

Slay your very first elemental. Good job?

Gearing up 5 Points

Get your first upgrade. They are important!

It's getting hot 5 Points

Meet a new, fiery foe

Halfway there! 10 Points

175 enemies left. Keep on going!

Rich dude 10 Points

Get at least 1000 ether in a single run

Wait, they're healing?! 10 Points

Meet a watery, annoying slug

??? 25 Points

Reach the final boss. At last!

If I don't win like this... 25 Points

MAX up all your upgrades!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

(Thanks for all your feedback and support! I'm starting development on the next title, where I'll implement many of your ideas and make a much bigger game. Stay tuned and follow me on instagram or facebook for updates :D )

Fight waves of enemies in an attempt to calm the elemental forces surrounding the dungeon.

Upgrade your skills after each run, and try to get closer to the final boss.

Gameplay video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpNo6n8JkNQ


Move: [Left arrow], [Right arrow] or [A], [D]

Jump/Walljump: [Up arrow] or [W]

Attack: [X] or [J]

Ranged attack: [Z] or [K]

Dash: [Shift] or [Space]

Pause: [Enter]


Follow me on Instagram and Facebook

Or send your feedback to franukai@gmail.com

Also, visit and support Evan King and David Fesliyan for their amazing music!


Powered by Gamemaker 1.4.999



Art, design, programming and SFX: Francisco Coda (Franuka)

Royalty free music and additional SFX: Evan King, David Fesliyan and Xythe.

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Your game is so adictive, i feel like a monster playing this!!

I like it

The max up all upgrades medal is entirely too grindy and I don't see how in the world that wouldn't be everyone's very last medal obtained. You have to keep coming back and grinding out for a long time after you've beaten the game if you want that.

The final boss is invincible in the beginning, even once his lifebar is full, which causes one of the very few good uses of the charged attack to be wasted.

But seriously though it felt like the game dragged out just for the sake of dragging out. The grind-based gameplay is less than ideal. It's better to base a game around difficulty rather than grind. Just because a game takes longer to fully complete, because it incorporates a grind component, does not make it better than a game which doesn't.

Graphics, music, overall, pretty decent. I'd recommend removing the grind component from future games though.

I actually really wanted to enjoy this game, and I was way too addicted to it, but after playing for over three hours I had just reached 150 enemies killed for the very first time, and then I died instantly when the new type spawned. The enemies spawn too slow, attack instantly after spawning half the time, and do too much damage for not having any ability to heal.
Also, 50% of the upgrades literally felt useless. "Right now I can kill this enemy in 5 slashes, so let's upgrade Melee for all this ether I've built up with several runs, and now... I can kill this enemy in 5 slashes." I really started to think, did the developer even play their own game? Upgrades are supposed to make you stronger, you know? I upgraded Health 8 times - still die without even realizing I'm low. Upgraded Melee 6 times - still takes more than 3 hits to kill the most basic monster. This feels like an arcade game that wants me to keep giving it my money.

What I can say I loved is the concept on its own - I very much enjoyed killing the monsters and figuring out strategies, and all that was even more fun once I knew I could dash and walljump and being able to do those things is probably what kept me playing because I enjoyed them so much. So the conclusion is: Cheaper prices, stronger upgrades, more currency gained, or less enemies are all options that would make the game near-perfect. If there's a balanced-out sequel with at least one of these four things it could be a 10 or a 5 or whatever Newgrounds' top rating is!

My game restarted. I still have achievements (not a lot) but my upgrades were all gone. Can someone help

Credits & Info

3.99 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2020
1:15 PM EDT
  • Aseprite
  • Pyxel Edit
  • GameMaker Studio 1.4