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Out of Order Restroom (Madness Day 2020)

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Happy Madness Day. This is my first Madness, and in general, animation I made. I learned a lot of things in the progress. Hope you enjoy this. Thank you PandaThePanda for granting me permission to use a song of his. It's called Night Walk, but at 80% speed. Here's a link to his profile: https://pandathepanda.newgrounds.com/

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The premise and story is really great, but it's really jittery and stuff. If you work on improving your animation and making it smoother, this would be a really good animation

AmesPinkinson responds:

Thanks for watching, yes, I will work on making smoother animation. I wanted to make it look smooth as Krinkels animation, but I sacrificed the pacing of scenes which resulted in it looking jittery. The next installation will be much more action-packed and varied, character-wise. Again, thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.

The music was amazing, and the premise fun. You did great.

This is very good! If you refine your skills on the character's movement, you'll be on pair with the greatest Madness animators!

AmesPinkinson responds:

Thank you, I will get better at it.

I really like it! keep on doing these :) music slaps

I love how it's usually common knowledge in the madness universe to not hurt any sort of unarmed civilian.