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Bathroom Key

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Early 2019, I sought out a cafe in New York City to use the bathroom but they wouldn't let me unless I buy a 5$+ coffee or whatever. I thought it was dumb and had this idea for a toon.

Around April 2019, I wrote this stupid short thinking it will be one of the first things I put out and I had my pals Mike Anaya and Michael Rausa record voices in the closet of our friend @mattyburrito

This project went through the hands of 2 animators who ended up being to busy to work on it, when atlas I found @ralvin-desu who completed about 80% of the animation when he acquired a virus deleting everything he worked hard on. Finally, the month of September of 2020 he finished the animation and I asked @Quebi if he could add his magical touch to the audio.

I hope you enjoy it.


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this is funny

DannyGoodShirt responds:

Thanks 4 watchin'

that fighting bit was way too good lol!!!

DannyGoodShirt responds:

Thanks! Glad you liked it.

Yes this thought has crossed my mind as well. I would certainly fight over that bathroom key as well to save myself from having to piss everywhere. It really is a shame. What is the world coming to when a guy can't piss where he wants to. lol

DannyGoodShirt responds:

I agree! There's enough suffering in the world. Let people pee!

Hilarious! I really enjoyed the ridiculous voice acting too.

DannyGoodShirt responds:

Thanks for watching! Yea they would make great VA's. I wish they pursued it.

Haha, that was great!

The question is, would you die, piss your pants or try to find a park or valley to piss in and hope an officer don’t see it?

DannyGoodShirt responds:

Hmm 🤔 I would probably die either way somehow