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Wrath of Nightmare

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Wrath of Nightmare is an adventure-puzzle game for the original GameBoy and desktop developed by Jordan Allen. It tells the tale of an enkian named Orpheus who receives a vision from his god tasking him with putting an end to the murders in his village of Vandros. As Orpheus you must use your wits to find who is behind the killings and navigate your village and it's surrounding areas.

The game was designed to help me get to grips with the GB Studio engine and the game is fully compatible with with the original GameBoy. Yes, that's right! It can be played on an emulator or put on a cartridge and played on the original hardware. It was also a good way to set a new short story in my Tale of Enki setting that's featured in my RPG, Tale of Enki: Pilgrimage and my tabletop games.


Movement - Arrow Keys

Interfact - Z

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Pretty short, finished it in like 30-40 min.

Music good, story good but short, graphics look good, the puzzles were a little easy with the maze being the one that was the "hardest" because you had to write or memorate which way did you can go to solve it.

I never had a GameBoy, but if I had a longer version of this game on GB I would play it continously until I finished it.

Don't really know the limitations of GB as to how long can the game be, but if you make harder puzzles it should take more than an hour with the curent story.

Wish you luck with your futher GB projects.

Pretty nice game, with very nice graphics. However, the village part is a pretty standard "get-this-so-that-X-gives-you-that-so-that-Y-trades-it-for-something-else-that..." long quest, and the rest of the game is pretty straightforward. I got kind of disappointed that everything happening outside the village itself went so quick and with no interaction with villagers whatsoever. More detailed stuff was already written, so that I will not go on forever. Still a beautiful Game Boy game, thanks for making it available here!

I was expecting a twist actually. Apart from the early portion of the game it is pretty straightforward. It is short but a sweet one.

Considering this is basically a tech demo for your GB skills, I think you did very well specially since it is ported here on the web. Great job on that.

As a standalone game without any context, it is a bit lackluster. It's easy to get lost on what to do next if you stop paying attention, as there are no indicators of what Quest Item you are holding currently. It's also hard to keep track of the names.

I'm not sure if there was a pattern for the Lost Woods esque segment, but it seemed to be about Brute Force and memorizing the path (iirc original Lost Woods had an amplitude shift on the music for when you were next to the incorrect entrance); this made me almost fall asleep. In fact, a lot of the game seemed to have brute forcing and exhausting dialogue options, which is not a design I can say I enjoy.

The audio unfortunately was hit and miss; the snare in music that played in the village felt very grating for instance. I'd complain about no mute, but this is a GB tech demo.

To improve a game like this I'd add more dialogue per event to make brute forcing less painful, a map, a way to show the current item, and maybe a character log. I believe the map and the item display could fit in a "Start" menu. I'd also try to implement the audio cues for the Woods in some way.

Would be great if my character could use that fire spell!
As well as able to read those books from the library to learn more about the lore of the story.
In sequel you can make it more of a Zelda clone where you can use the sword.
As well add a menu system to see items you gathered.
I really enjoyed this game, I like those item fetching games and games like Shenmue where
you talk to npc to progress through the story.

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3.80 / 5.00

Sep 15, 2020
6:06 AM EDT