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China Invades Taiwan

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Author Comments

This is a simulation of a hypothetical PRC invasion of Taiwan in the near future. The game assumes that China achieves a high level of surprise by launching an air mobile assault with six brigades of special forces, coupled with precision strikes by ballistic and cruise missiles. To preserve the element of surprise, amphibious forces are not on high alert, and will not arrive for at least 48 hours. You play the PRC, and time is not on your side. Taiwan will start attacking mainland ports and airfields with cruise missiles, which will eventually cripple China’s economy and war effort. Taiwanese scientists will also be hard at work on building nuclear weapons. The game assumes that ROC forces are incapable of maneuvering for the first four days of the conflict due to PRC air superiority and the destruction of key command and control infrastructure. Taiwanese army reservists will also start to reinforce ROC defenses. You need to win fast. Good Luck!

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i have smol brain cant play game :(

As I describe below, the game is currently broken, so that winning is extremely easy. The author will probably want to look into that.

I just won without ever fighting. In the first turn, I cut off enemy supply with a combo of "Surprise missle strike" and "Special forces brigade", then removed all enemy units through "Mass surrender". I mantained hold of enemy supply points for the rest of the game using "Destroy enemy card points" and "Mass surrender" every turn. I also abused "Add Friendly Cards Points 2" to get ludicrous amounts of card points, although I did not really needed them.

africacrossgames responds:

I think you have uncovered a bug tied to the game editor. Not many people use the game editor, so good on you! You should not have cards like Mass Surrender in your hand.

If you reload the page, this problem disappears. You should have a much more interesting and challenging game. I was going for a Market Garden/Bridge To Far vibe. You need to find a way to relieve your paratroopers before they get overrun.

Thanks for playing.

Credits & Info

2.70 / 5.00

Sep 6, 2020
12:01 PM EDT