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Monster Manor

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Light your way through the Monster Manor  and defeat the evil spirit that haunts these halls!

Made for GBJam8

Warning: The game uses a pretty heavy shader for lighting, you may have some performance issues. Make sure you don't have hardware acceleration disabled when playing.

Post-Jam Update:

+ More puzzles

+ New colour palette (Unlocked after the boss)

+ Shop to spend your coins on

+ Extra juice

+ Gamepad support

+ Longer I-frames


Arrow keys - Walk / Climb

Z - Jump

1-4 - Change Colour Palette​

Alternative Controls:

WASD - Walk / Climb

Space - Jump

Gamepad Controls:

D-Pad - Walk / Climb

A - Jump

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The game has a glitch in the last ladder. When you reach the top, it takes you back half game, and you cannot finish.
Otherwise, good game.

It's good but, theres no story and its way too dark. The character you play as also goes painfully slow. I do enjoy the OST though!

bruh so good and confusing at the same time
i love it

too dark

I really enjoyed this. The style is super charming and inviting and the gameplay was involved enough to keep me going. More games with this style would be pretty gangster.