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Karoshi Portal

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Karoshi Portal is a fangame of Karoshi that incorporates the use of a portal gun.

Arrow keys to move left and right, Z to jump, X to shoot, R to restart a level. Escape to go to the menu. Use mouse to select levels on the menu.

Special thanks to Yagru for the music and to Jesse Venbrux for making Karoshi!

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Very VERY nice! Your mechanics are awesome and intuitive, and the game is SUPER fun to play!

(I suggest playing the game before reading all this)

I had one recurring bug that was kinda annoying

Sometimes the portal that shows up on the wall is the wrong color (I'd have two blue portals sometimes) which is annoying, considering you need to consider what portal you shot last carefully to solve some of these puzzles.

I'm gonna add critiques you on how well you matched Jesse Venbrux's style throughout. I'm not entirely sure if you care, but I feel it's necessary since this was an attempt to make another Karoshi.

Fuckin love it. Everything looks good. Compared to Venbrux's style, I feel like you had more outlines on your uhh... would it be sprites? models? I dunno, your boxes and shit, and you looked neater overall. Karoshi looks good in black though. Good touch on adding the trash bins, the office plants, you know whats up. No random clocks on the wall, so 0/10 for that.

Bumpin theme, thank you yagru. It never got annoying, and it's good and relaxing. In fact, it is a little more laid back then the Karoshi games. There's more electronic sounds, and higher energy in the soundtrack of the other Karoshi games, but the soundtrack you made sounds good. Lotta bass. Mmmmmm, bass.

This is where you really knocked things OUTTA the park. The portal gun, Armor, no annoying tutorials, fuckin ROCKET MAN, fun puzzles, BEAUTIFUL! The mechanics you introduced got some clever usage, the portal gun was definitely fun to play with and figure out.

I'm kinda stuck in between saying that there should be separate buttons for the portals, or just saying that's part of the difficulty. I have beaten it and the puzzles where making sure you shoot the right color come into play would've still been difficult if you had a choice of which portal to shoot, but it also added some tension and made the level more interesting, and I feel like the game needs that added little bit of difficulty, so ultimately I like it.

I like that there was red herrings, and you really did well by making interesting interactions with the portal gun, like the electric block and the way boxes stack through, and the armor was a good addition, a bit reminiscent of super Karoshi.

This did feel a bit easier than the regular Karoshi entries. The levels are a bit bare in terms of danger, I feel like you could've gone harder on sticky blocks, or other puzzle traps like boxes falling on buttons if you took too long for example. I didn't have to reset more than a handful of times. The puzzles themselves were satisfying, and the rocket man levels were my favorites.

Comparing to Venbrux's style now, I already mentioned it feels easier then the games he made. I also think it's missing his fourth wall breaks. You did make good oddball levels which I won't spoil here, I think those were nice, but I remember he had levels of fake "the end" screens, and some levels that were just freakish ms paint drawings out of nowhere, and there was just nothing here that went to that level of odd, or meta. He had a knack for gimmick levels, like a level titled "Karoshi shift" that made it when you pressed shift, a wall came down and crushed you. Just little random bits like that.

I do think your puzzles are good, they are fun, but in comparison, Venbrux had more levels that focused on timing and skill, rather than logical thinking. You had a couple moments where you had to act quickly, but you could anticipate them well in advance. I really don't think this is a fault, but just something I notice.

Your variety in kills was good, I'm glad you used the fact that death is the goal and actually played around with dying in different ways instead of just using spikes every time.

Overall, Really fun to play and polished game. On it's own terms, a 9/10. On terms of feeling like a Karoshi game.... 7/10. You got the style, but the game play throughout felt too controlled, and not random. Still a good job, and it earns its place as a good Karoshi.

orange08 responds:

Wow, thanks for the detailed review!
I know, it's really difficult to outdo Jesse Venbrux when it comes to going outside the box.

very fun

Would you kindly search for the game's name on YouTube, you could find a walkthrough. this procedure has established for many difficult games.

I can't pass level 8

you cant even beat the 3rd level

Credits & Info

3.98 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2020
9:57 AM EDT