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Puzzle Frog

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Author Comments

move the character with the arrow keys

interact with the menus using the mouse.

This is my third game now with unity.

This game has only 5 levels, I plan to do more but I'm not sure if I spend my time on another project or spend more time on this one.

I need your help:

Do you find any problem with this game?

Do you feel that this game needs something?

If this game was complete, would you consider buying it?

If your answer is no, what would make you change your mind?

Thank you very much.

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It's got potential, but would need a bit of work. Some of the graphics do look a bit out of place and without consistency. It's a downside to sourcing them from different places. It doesn't really ruin anything, it's just noticeable. The movement of the frog felt smooth and I didn't find any issues with it. Would just suggest letting the R key restart the level in addition to the button. Not sure if I solved the second level correctly, I just jammed the snake thing into a wall with a box and didn't need the portals at all. It'd need a lot more levels before I'd consider buying it. Will say though, each level is really unique and if you kept that up, it could be a great game. It was genuinely fun to play and I'd love to see it developed further.

aleee2203 responds:

Thanks for sharing your opinion of the game.

Everything you say about art is true, I will try to correct this problem in future projects.

The key suggestion is good, I had not thought about it, I will definitely do it.

For me the difficulty in a level is based on how many different ways there are to solve it, if there is only one way to solve it, the level is difficult, if there are several the level is easy. There are other elements that add to the difficulty, but to answer your question, you only found one of the ways to solve it, not the most obvious, but you found the most comfortable for you.

Thank you very much for your time for my worth gold

I really thought it was fun to play!

I wanna point out that from an aesthetic point of view, the different art styles and different sizes of the objects (the frog currently has more pixels that are smaller, and walls have less pixels that are bigger) was unpleasing to the eye. I think the frog and door having larger pixels - while still being legible objects, of course - would look awesome and fit the general feel of the game; but that's just what I think.
If it were more consistent, I would be super happy!

You probably saw this coming, but I would love more levels. I want to really feel them get more difficult as I keep playing.

Speaking of aesthetics, do you think it's possible to make the animation of the frog running just a little bit smoother? You don't have to, but seeing as that being one of the few things that actually move, it would add a lot. '
But hey! The animation that the red fountain had was really neat! You could try something like that!
Just wanted to point that out. No need to, if you don't want to :)
I only now just noticed that the yellow key is the only 3D thing in the game; that doesn't really show consistency either. Maybe make it more simple and 2D instead?

This is just me making up stuff, but what would you think about having more enemies in future levels? It really adds to the excitement having to run away from those! I would love seeing more foes in future levels.

The levels were a lot of fun to play. You're pretty good at making each puzzle different from the last. I just needed to say that, so you know that I do enjoy playing the game very much.

I really hope I don't seem harsh here! The reason I'm so critical is that I really like this game and I want to see it live up to its full potential. With more levels you could even get a small story line as to why the frog is stuck where it is.

Thank you for this experience!

aleee2203 responds:

I really appreciate that you liked the game and that you took the time to write your opinion.

Not all the art of the game is made by me, only a part, there is a combination of different art that is free online. I made this decision for reasons of time and money, since I am the only person working on this project.

About the animation of the frog, during development I was faced with the dilemma whether to make the movement of the frog more realistic or to have more precision in the movement, and since in the game you have to dodge holes and move boxes with certain precision, I decided to go for the precision.

I would very much like to finish the game with more levels and a little story as you mention, but for time and money reasons, only if this game gets a lot of attention.

I really liked your criticism, it helps me improve my work. Thank you so much.

Credits & Info

3.15 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2020
3:11 PM EDT