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Monster Casino

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Chelly and Dog, citizens of Hell, are forced into a gauntlet of high stakes Poker death matches in order to secure their rent, which was unfairly jacked up by Satan.

With her high emotional intelligence, Chelly is able to recruit monsters to her side. Using the secret technique of "cheating", these monsters can tip the scales in her favor.

Please let me know what you think and if you'd be interested in playing an expanded version.

Made in 48 hours for Miz Jam 1

Download version here.

Full source code available here: https://github.com/billymonks/monster-casino


Kenney - 1-Bit Pack 1-Bit Pack

Kenney - 54 Casino sound effects 54 Casino sound effects

SHADOWFOX2 - Casino, title, credits music SHADOWFOX2

Maoudamashii - Battle themes and many sfx Maoudamashii

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Short but sweet, loved the style, and the gameplay was pretty fun too. Hope to see more outta this concept.

Very interesting and quirky game with a unique take on poker! I feel lucky that I learned enough poker to be able to play this as the tutorial chip didn't really do much to help, haha (actually it seemed to only play the tutorial if I fought them multiple times? the first time it just played out like a regular match). The presentation is kinda of equal parts unique and frustrating: while I do like the interesting 3D/2D diorama look to it all, other elements like the text and UI elements can be difficult to read and glitchy at times. I really like the concept of recruiting different party members to let you use cheat abilities to swing the game in your favor, but unfortunately the game seems to do everything in its power to not let you use them and force you to just play regular poker: good for people who like poker, but for me, its a bit boring. The security level just rises so fast and drains so slow that you barely get to use any of your cool stuff, which takes away what I think is the primary charm of the game. I dunno, maybe I just got unlucky (it is poker after all) but I just kept getting all-in-ed by enemies and other stuff like that and didn't get to do much, just kept counting on the dog to give me money from slots, poor dog.

It's an endearing game, though it is in the end of the day poker, you did it well.
There's charm to the setting, I like the abilities (a tad too costy at times and the security not resetting after every match makes it hard to use them at times) and I like the goofy dialogue.

I think the sprites really could of been a bit more stylised and using a larger scale, using a default pack works for a 2day Game Jam but still I think it would of helped to of gotten an actual artist on. Since I feel expressions would really of added alot to this game.
But anyway, not bad.

When I faced the skeleton in the second room, I went all in and won, then three community cards popped up and there were no hole cards but the betting kept going. Then it froze. :_(

DAIRYDOG responds:

Download version should hopefully not crash.

I like poker. But thats not really how it works :p. For example the player with the small blind is first to act preflop. Also the option to check or fold when both players are allin makes no sense. Still a decent game.

DAIRYDOG responds:

Just pushed a patch that hopefully fixes it, and improves "all in" a bunch. Thanks for the feedback.

Credits & Info

3.46 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2020
4:18 PM EDT