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I can't believe I forgot to post this on Newgrounds. Spending an entire school year on this film, learning a lot, losing a lot has made for quite an experience I have to say. I've gotta thank everyone who helped me out with this film. It was a whole lot of fun making it!

A Film By Simon Beaudoin


Tuk (Kid) - Chealsea Livingstone

Pap (Old man) - Phil Yeaung Tan

Mantaur - Joshua Waters


Jake Coronado


Louise Anne Beaudoin

Craig Renaud

Harper Hongyu Guo

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Some of the smoothest animation I've seen in a while, splurging on colorists really help you jam as many frames in as possible and it comes out great, but some scenes could do without and still be just as enjoyable. Aside from the slippery look of the animation, your effects are very well polished but lacking in number. Secondary animations like the axe shaking the counter, bottles being brushed aside as the innkeep grabs the bounty, or little reactions from the characters would make it a lot more grounded and 'real'.

Lmao great build up to the climax.

Fuck! Simply incredible. Amazing work!

Absolutely brilliant! The timing and the animation were just superb! Truly funny stuff.

All my stars are belong to you. I was in a real funk for the past hour or so thanks to my day-job, and this knocked me right out of it! Only critique I've got is the background music at the beginning was a bit louder than I'd have liked. Like I get that taverns are quite noisy, but the music made the dialogue a tad difficult to hear. Otherwise, this was a fun watch!!

SimonBeed responds:

Man I'm glad i could bring something to your day! Day jobs are a heck of a pain man I get that. Don't forget to do the things you love!