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Puzzle Crafter

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Found me! 5 Points

Survived 10 rounds of hideNseek

Soccer: Twenty Strikes! 5 Points

Got a goal in 20 or fewer moves!

Found Me Again! 10 Points

Survived 25 round of hideNseek!


Get a goal in the soccer minigame

Soccer: 10 Strikes! 10 Points

Got a goal in 10 or fewer strikes!

All Skins Unlocked! 25 Points

You unlocked the final skin! Congrats :D


Scored 5 Goals in Soccer


Score 20 goals in Soccer

Soccer: Five or Fewer Strikes! 25 Points

Nice! You got a goal in 5 or fewer strikes!

Unlocked All Hats! 25 Points

You've unlocked every hat :)

Victory Royale! 25 Points

Be the last man standing in the battle royale minigame!

Won Pool! 25 Points

Won a game of pool

Soccer: Single Strike! 50 Points

Wow, you got a goal in 1 kick!

You Keep Finding Me! 50 Points

Survived 50 rounds of hideNseek!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

8/24/2020 - 3k views in a week, thank you all so much! I've really enjoyed watching people unlock medals and compete in the leaderboards! I'm beginning work on my next game, but I'm gonna work on some more adventure levels, as well as begin making level packs for the community level repository (you can submit yours too via the main menu)! Thank you for playing Puzzle Crafter :)

Struggling with Adventure Mode? Check out this walkthrough!

Current Version: 1.3.5

Check the changelog below to see what is added/changed

Thank you so much for the front page!

Welcome to Puzzle Crafter! A game where you can make, play, and share custom physics puzzle levels! It also features minigames, skin unlocks, medals and scoreboards!


In the editor, you click the download button and a .json file of your level data will be saved. You can load this file to keep editing later, and you can overwrite it as you progress. When you're ready to submit your level, go to the main menu and click Submit Your Level. Upload your .json file to the form and fill out the level information, and click send. Your level will soon be added to the community level repository! You can view this repository by clicking Browse Level Packs.


Puzzle Mode:

  • Click glass blocks to break them.

Hide n Seek Minigame:

  • Tap on the character that matches your currently selected skin. Keep doing that.

Soccer, Battle Royale, and Pool

  • Click/tap and drag the stick at the top left to direct your ball. Release to go.


  • Q and E rotates selected object (as well as clicking the rotate icons). The box in-between the icons determines the rate in degrees per rotation.
  • Pressing Esc when testing exits play mode.
  • You can utilize the full space of your level by scrolling with the up and down arrow keys ;)


Aug 30 2020 version 1.3.5

  • Probably the last update for a while! Worked a few remaining bugs with the save file.
  • Added button in minigame section for my new game!

Aug 23 2020 version 1.3.4

  • Resized some of the Editor menu elements to be more mobile friendly
  • I wanted to add a new minigame, but the one I started isn't working currently. Stay tuned for the next update!

Aug 21 2020 hotfix

  • Reverted physics engine.

Aug 21 2020 version 1.3.3

  • Switched physics engine to box2dWeb! Hopefully this should speed things up on mobile :) Let me know if you encounter any problems! Edit: didn't work lol, the physics on mobile are even slower, with some game breaking bugs. Will be reverting tomorrow.
  • Added 2 new mystery medals!

Aug 20 2020 version 1.3.2

  • The boost object now interacts with wooden objects!
  • Added a couple more adventure levels
  • Adjusted hat positions again

Aug 19 2020 version 1.3 - Major Update!

  • New minigame: Pool!
  • Scoreboard for # of Pool wins
  • Scoreboard for fewest moves in Pool
  • New Editor object: Boosts!
  • Editor: Increased Level Size to 5000px! Enjoy making bigger levels!
  • Editor: fixed bug where hat was moving behind player after level preview
  • Launcher Minigame: fixed bug that was causing errors/breaking the game
  • Soccer & Battle Royale: Added arrow to indicate where you're aiming. While aiming, the world will now slow down to half speed.
  • Hats: fixed hat positioning
  • 1.3.1 Hotfix - fixed bug where winning pool breaks the game
  • Reduced pool ball count to 10 from 15.
  • Fixed pool win text

Aug 19 2020 version 1.2.2 - The Hat Update!

  • Added hat cosmetic. You can unlock hats by buying them at the store. They're a bit rough, as I'm still fine tuning the origin points, but they should be entertaining nonetheless (and something to spend your hard earned coins on!)
  • Launcher minigame - Added more spawning coins, ramps, and boosts
  • Launcher minigame - Fixed bug where coins weren't saving to bank
  • Launcher minigame - Fixed bug where timer wouldn't reset at game end


  • In the level editor, the hat will move behind the player after previewing a level. I'll fix this soon.

Aug 18 2020 version 1.2 - New minigame!

  • Added new minigame (Launcher)
  • Added 6th level to Adventure Mode
  • General bug fixes
  • 1.2.1 hotfix - fixed Launcher bug and added sound effects/bgm


  • if you click the launcher button in the minigame menu and nothing happens, refresh the page. The game sometimes errors out when the launcher minigame starts.
  • If you join the launcher minigame and the charge button isn't there (or the timer didn't reset), just exit to the minigame menu and join again. That should fix it.
  • Using the final skin (skin 14) will result in some errors

Aug 18, 2020 version 1.1.2 - Physics hotfix for trampoline. Trampoline will now project you according to its own angle, not the angle between itself and the player.

Aug 17, 2020 version 1.1 - First update!

  • Added new minigame: Battle Royale!
  • Added new leaderboard and medal for BR minigame
  • Wooden Circles will now interact with trampolines!
  • New control scheme for the soccer minigame to make it easier to play.
  • Added 1 new adventure level
  • 1.1.1 hotfix - small quality of life update

Aug 17, 2020 version 1.0 - Initial release! I think it's a pretty good start! There are only 4 "adventure" levels right now, but I'll add more with future updates. There are currently 3 minigames available to play, so hopefully they'll keep you busy when you're not crafting levels! KNOWN ISSUES: The game is technically compatible with mobile, but right now the editor menu and certain buttons are too small to make out. Everything is still playable (especially the minigames), but in the next patch I'll try to have a more mobile-friendly interface! Also, on mobile the physics run a little slower. The soccer minigame will take noticeably longer each move. Hopefully doesn't dampen the experience too much!



Larrynachos - Programming

TeraVex - Music

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Game does kind of have a clunky look and feel to it with the simplistic visuals which aren't professionally tiled/spaced in any manner along with a general lack of juice, but it is still somewhat impressive how intuitive and neat the level editor is, along with the decent variety of levels and mechanics shown in the adventure mode. Game could be helped a lot with some better visuals and FX, just some minor things like glass shard particles when you shatter a glass block, for example, and maybe giving the finish block a classic checkboard finish-flag pattern on it. I also think that having the game elements be tiled/on a grid would help with designing the levels as it would make placement of elements more uniform, leading to more consistent physics simulations. Adventure mode was a bit lacking in that, while it had coins and such, it didn't seem to track them in anyway to have you try for a par/perfect score or anything like that, especially since if you don't get them all at the end it just shuffles you to the next level anyway instead of letting you retry for a better score. Also the boosters need some help as they blew out my eardrums when you had that level where a box was constantly triggering their sound, haha! Basically, its a bit rough at the moment, but I think it has some decent potential!

larrynachos responds:

Thank you for the review and suggestions! I've been meaning to give it some TLC updates but I'm actually working on two new games right now! I'll definitely take your suggestions into consideration when I hop back into this project though!

A grid system for the editor is something I've wanted to try but couldn't implement with the current setup. The adventure levels are the same way because of that. I think there's only 1 or 2 coins that you can't ever collect, most of the coins are there to show that you're still on track, even if you bumped something and changed your direction slightly. It's more of a guide tool if anything.

Yeah that boost level needs some changes, but at the moment you can knock it off of the boost with the ball that's sitting above it. That's something others have said too, so I'm gonna make sure that gets fixed next update!

Thanks again for the feedback, it's very helpful!

Cute idea. The visual's are more than rough, but there's solid stuff here.

I played the puzzles, or adventure mode as you call it, they were pretty cute and relaxing. The music sets the tone for an easy-going atmosphere. That said, I'm not really sure what this game is trying to be, specially with the the mini game section and unlocks. It really feels like a little showcase of random stuff you've been practicing all packed together, and I guess it all kinda works at the cost of being very simplistic. I can't give much direction as to how to make it much better gameplay wise.

Sadly the audio mixing was not good, the booster platforms exploded my ears first time they showed up because they are much louder than other things. Also a big loss on the score from me is due to the level browse buttons that open external pages without informing me they're going to do that until I click them. Always be upfront about that stuff, like put a Google Drive icon on it or somethin.

larrynachos responds:

The original game idea was the level editor tbh. I like making level editors, and this was probably my most successful attempt. The adventure mode is just a demonstration of the mechanics. I'm not a very creative level designer, so I knew adventure mode would be lackluster. I was hoping to get more custom level submissions from the community, but I've only received 2 small submissions so far. I made the minigames section because I love minigames. It's a great opportunity to test smaller mechanics in self contained environment, instead of making a whole game based on a small mechanic. I also try to include medals and scoreboards in my games, to keep people coming back.

I'll have a look at the booster volume, it didn't really strike me as bothersome until the adventure mode level that used them. Thanks for letting me know! And good call with the google drive icon. I originally wanted to have an iframe element that would stay within the game so you could browse and submit in-game, but I didn't get it working in time. I'll revisit it and try to get it working for the next update!

Thanks for the feedback, you've been very helpful :)

Seems okay, but not really my thing personally. I think the aesthetics are a bit too generic for me. But the Puzzles themselves seem alright, though a bit clunky.

larrynachos responds:

Yeah, the graphics are simple and the levels are sloppy. The minigames are where the fun is! I also enjoy playing around in the level editor, but I guess others don't find it as fun.

Thanks for the review!

i like the music

larrynachos responds:

TeraVex is a great musician, you should check his stuff out!

Credits & Info

3.42 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2020
4:35 AM EDT
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