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Bottle Uncapped

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Behind a door seldom opened in a basement scarcely visited, a fragment of the past lingers, taunting Phonograph from the shadows. Waiting for the day it could return to the light. PhonographClock, having been given his quests by Medic, is forced to embark into the depths of his own basement to finally keep a promise he made long ago. He doesn't want to. And I mean he really, REALLY, doesn't want to. Some things are better left gathering dust in your basement. But this is one thing that Phono finally has to deal with. Even if it means all he gets out of it is to reclaim all that valuable storage space. Maybe turn it into a man cave. Oh, that'd be nice. Like with a mini-fridge and a poker table. Okay maybe he's much more enthusiastic about doing this now.

Happy Clock Day!!!

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I wish i had the context (spelled it wrong) to this. Ill edit this once i watch all of your other videos.

My Computer Monitor jumped up screeching and I had to kill it with a wooden stake before burning the body. 6/5 Happy Clock Day

epic happy clock day


I wasn't expecting a whole ass anime