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The Hive - Simulation of the Honeycomb Maze

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Author Comments


F: mark on the ground

R: bring up pause menu and restart back to the starting room

This maze is challenging because of its special hexagonal shape in which you will easily lose your sense of direction of the North, South, West, and East.

For the newer version update, I added a marking system in which you can paint an arrow on the ground and use it as reference when you restart the level in the pause menu (By pressing ESC). It is your idea for how to utilize it, but since you have only 6 marks, use it wisely. In order to reset marks, please go back to main menu and start game from there.

Thank you for all the feed back! While I originally think implementing minimap can make this maze easier, it turns out to be too distracting from the actual maze. As a result, I deleted this feature and added a marking system based on suggestions from the comment. Again, thank you for all the feed back!

Update: Added some sound effects and change descriptions.

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Solid maze game!

playing on chrome with a mouse, I am finding it really difficult to turn as moving the mouse controls my direction but the mouse is not locked to the screen, and the direction resets when I move the mouse back over the play window.

Timiport responds:

Sorry for your experiences. While my testing shows my mouse locked into the screen, I think the issue is that ESC button, which opens the pause menu, also brings the mouse out of its locking state. For me, this issue can be fixed by clicking on the center of the screen again, or press ESC in the pause menu. I definitely realized this is an annoyance, and I will publish an update to this game and map the pause menu to another key. Thank you for your feedback to the game and sorry for this experience.

I liked it. It’s a little easier when you realise you can use the skybox as a compass, and that the exit is not marked like the entrance. I did end up just looking at the mini map a lot, and trial and erroring my way through it. In that regard, it becomes a standard maze where you just feel along one wall until the exit, which is a little dull.

While the visuals are nice, they are also wasted? Because all the rooms are the same, you kind of stop even seeing them after a while, making the full 3d underutilised. This could be helped with the inclusion of a few unique rooms, either by colour or decoration, which the player could orientate themselves with. Or how about the ability to leave marks on the walls? Both would increase player engagement I think.

Timiport responds:

Thank you so much for your feed back! I definitely agree with your suggestion. As a result, I added a marking system that allows player to mark directions on the ground which they can use instead as a reference point when going back to the upper starting room. Because of this system, I remove the minimap since I think it is too distracting for people to actually explore the maze.

As for the decoration part, I added some decorations in the trophy room and one other important midpoint to make the room look prettier. Other than that, I afraid that adding too much unique decoration might make the game too easy as that may give too much references.

In the end, thank you so much for your constructive feed back! Please don't hesitate to tell me any aspects I could improve in this game and I would love to make this maze an enjoyable experiences to everyone.

I really like the music. Although the game can be a little boring after some time, I think this is because it is really challenging. I would say not bad for the difficulty of this maze.

Collected all the trophies and lost interest. Functional but dull. Maybe tone down the sound effects.

Credits & Info

3.02 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2020
2:32 PM EDT