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[BTNverse] Universal Thief

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This game was made in only 48 hours for the GMTK game jam 2020, and got 27th place out of 5419 entries!

The theme was "Out of control", so I made a game where the main character has a simple stealing mechanic but where you can steal metaphysical concepts and identities.

The game's numbers and setting spiral out of control through 5 different phases:

  • Office life
  • City life
  • Political life
  • Space life
  • ???


  • WASD/IJKL/arrow keys: move
  • Spacebar/shift/X/left click: interact
  • R / escape: restart level (very important)
  • F4: fullscreen (windows only)
  • In battle, use the mouse to select actions.


This is a hybrid between a puzzle game and an RPG. It has similar mechanics to a simple turn by turn RPG, with the main mechanic being that you can steal the enemy's move/HP/identity. However, you should approach it like a puzzle game, because you must figure out the best battle order to maximize your stats and abilities.


All coding and art were made during the allocated jam time, the music was composed before the jam, as allowed.

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Fun game. No complaints.


adriendittrick responds:

coffee can bring you anywhere!

Great unique game, is rare to see game as good as this one here in newgrounds.
The end boss was interesting the trick is that you can see what move the almighty will do
since he select it with white, so spam fenrir till he selects Go as next move then use niddhog and repeat till you win.
The best moves in the game are.
1) Close: This move you will use it till end game and is the key to defeat the "Sun" and "The Powerful"
2) Boost: You will use it till end game and is the key to defeat the "Sun" and "The Powerful".
3) Gravity > Conquer since is based on enemy HP and this is key since the "Sun" and the "Powerful" have more HP than you do. Especially for the Sun that will heal to full HP easily.
The trick to beat the sun is Boost and use Close to Heal each time the sun attacks you.
Once your boost is high enough it will 1 shot the Sun. The Powerful even easier just spam Boosts Twice and the Gravity and win and use Close if he use niddhog.
4) Riot based on your HP use it till you get Gravity in space. Got this move after transforming into a Plane which give you the most movement speed.
5) Trash use it till you get Riot.

Now for ID, you should get ones that increase movement like Car and Plane.
Will make finishing the game faster.

adriendittrick responds:

thanks for the nice guide :)

I find it funny that you can beat the most powerful being in the universe as a coffee machine. lol :)

adriendittrick responds:

the coffee machine is very poweful too :)

great! 10/10

Credits & Info

4.20 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2020
11:44 AM EDT