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[BTNverse] Universal Thief

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Author Comments

This game was made in only 48 hours for the GMTK game jam 2020, and got 27th place out of 5419 entries!

The theme was "Out of control", so I made a game where the main character has a simple stealing mechanic but where you can steal metaphysical concepts and identities.

The game's numbers and setting spiral out of control through 5 different phases:

  • Office life
  • City life
  • Political life
  • Space life
  • ???


  • WASD/IJKL/arrow keys: move
  • Spacebar/shift/X/left click: interact
  • R / escape: restart level (very important)
  • F4: fullscreen (windows only)
  • In battle, use the mouse to select actions.


This is a hybrid between a puzzle game and an RPG. It has similar mechanics to a simple turn by turn RPG, with the main mechanic being that you can steal the enemy's move/HP/identity. However, you should approach it like a puzzle game, because you must figure out the best battle order to maximize your stats and abilities.


All coding and art were made during the allocated jam time, the music was composed before the jam, as allowed.

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finally defeated it. Well done.

adriendittrick responds:

congrats on stealing the universe!

Got to the final stage with 258,441 HP! Pretty fun, minor min-maxing to achieve but someone could easily get more.

Boost + Close, and then Rally & grabbing Conquer from earth for 1/4th then 1/2th of my health as damage was crazy. However, stuck at the final stage. I've tried a few routes, defeating Power first as-is (RNG dependent with my setup) grabbing their attack, then switching Boost for Revolution to defeat The Wise so his Gravity doesn't work, then grabbing Fenrir from the final one.

Got super close. RNG-dependent 33% chance of losing.
Tried again with a slightly different strat defeating The Wise first, grabbing his hp then Power was therefore easy to Conquer, then grabbed Fenrir...and lost again.

SO! Fun game, The Almighty is where my adventure draws to a close.

If I try again:
- Replacing Boost with the ability which divides by 10, for more consistency on this stage where I'm throwing boost out anyways.
- Minorly different order of operations who I fight.
- Grabbing Gravity as soon as possible instead. Same HP deal, but more effective if I steal The Wise's HP. The Wise has no useful skills by this point (Close is superior because you can heal with the lesser enemies to full HP in this stage) so grabbing his health, then The Powerful's attack for The Blighted seems useful.

Final Set-up SEEMS to be:
The Powerful's Attack
(Close/something else maybe?)

adriendittrick responds:

Fenrir is necessary for the final boss, yes :) thanks for making it this far! (also the game saves automatically so you can probably xontinue where you left off)

Universal Thief 2 coming soon? I would pay see more of this

adriendittrick responds:

Heyya, glad you liked it!
I probably won't make a sequel, I am not sure what areas I could add after the one where you defeat literal gods :p

good game

adriendittrick responds:


awesome game. however i am pissed that i have to take a plane to get over water. now im softlocked.

adriendittrick responds:

you can just reset the level :)

Credits & Info

4.33 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2020
11:44 AM EDT