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Larry's Adventure, Demo Test

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Author Comments

This is a DEMO of a lil' somethin' somethin' I'm cooking up on Adobe Animate. You guys are pretty much beta testing it at the moment.

Rules: Navigate the comic panel by mouse-hovering the bottom/top of screen. Certain items in panels are clickable.

If you notice anything buggy please let me know via comments, e-mail (reachsourapple@gmail.com) or pm me.

Also, if you're interested in this "interactive web comic" idea and would like to discuss paid collaborations please feel free to contact me! This was such fun to make, and I'd love to add more pages to this little man's adventure.


A little update for those who follow my work: This is NOT the "big game" I've announced last year. With the so-called "death" of Flash coming up I've found myself branching away from AS3 and moving on to Javasript, but my god is it one hell of a process. Lots of previous projects are sadly abandoned as a result, but still, there are some little pieces still cooking on the back burner. For now, enjoy!

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I'll admit, this kills me that I'm not giving this a huge score. I genuinely believe this could be frontpaged. The problem is mostly with the design. There are important things that are not made clear to you at all. The fact that you can brush over the bottom of the screen to go down is not indicated, and I had to look into the comments to see that. Same with the clot machine screen; I thought that because it was three kisses already that it was not interactive, and so I went down to the next set of slides which wouldn't activate until I used it. Then for some reason, the slot machine took a minute before it let me use the lever.

I really like the layout of this game, the fact that the panels change based on what you do, and the idea that every level will end with a kiss. I think if you made puzzles a bit more linear and objects you can interact with more clear, this could be a really fun little game. Especially if it were a bit faster paced and had many little quirky puzzles like this cool one. :)

eu ainda nao jogei mas sei que vai ser oimo

show the kiss pleas epleas please

3.5 stars, it's a demo but i'm looking forward to seeing where this heads. good potential, just short.

I like this demo, wonder what the whole game will be like. Also for me the cursor didn't change when hovering over some clickable objects (the slot machine handle for example), but maybe it's supposed to be that way. Great work!