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I get "Press ? to continue" on the first Info box. Tried every key and nothing, which leaves the game unplayable.

Edit: Why? On many keyboards, you have to hold down Shift+/ to get a question mark, and in Firefox, '/' on its own is the Quick Find shortcut. Why not Z or X or any of the usual keys avilable, and why not add the controls needed to the description?

ZararImtiaz responds:

you have to press the question mark key too shoot

Edit : i will look in to change the key but just press the key dont hold shift.

Pretty decent game, but it get very overwhelming rather quickly.

I liked certain aspects of this game such as the variations in the enemies as well as there being multiple bosses that are different from each other. I like how the weapons work, each weapon has a unique benefit as well as a downside.

Bugs that I've found:

- Arrow Keys - arrow keys scroll the page up and down

- H button - switching weapons using H allows me to use weapons that shouldn't be unlocked yet. I was able to use the beam early in the game because of this bug.

- Starting weapon - after each level, the weapon switches back to the AR. A more preferable mechanic is to have the starting weapon for each level be the last weapon used. So if the player had a shotgun, they should start the next level with a shotgun as well.

Some suggestions that I have for this game:

- Controls - I think that controls are pretty awkward. Having "?" for confirm is pretty weird, let it just be a simple button or spacebar. Also you would want a control scheme where one hand is for movement and the other is for action. Having "F" for shooting is awkward if you are using your right hand because both of your hands are so close together and using "/" means that the weapon switching buttons would be too far away. Moving and shooting with just the left hand doesn't feel too good either because it can make the index finger feel too outstretched.

- Difficulty - I think this game starts off too easy and then immediately spikes in difficulty. Maybe tone down the spawn of the zombies or give the player the beam a little bit earlier to make things more manageable.

- Zombies - I believe some zombies are introduced a bit too late, like the bullet zombie. Since he's introduced at level 13, that means the player only gets to fight him for 3 levels. Introducing him earlier would allow the player to see more of the zombie and give the player more of a challenge.

- Bosses - the bosses seem a bit too easy. For the boss stages, maybe remove the timer and make the bosses extra tough. Make them go super slow as well so the player would actually feel like they are fighting the boss instead of just going through another zombie horde.

There might also be an issue with this game using too much memory, however I am not able to confirm that on my own. My RAM usage peaked at 4,000 MB while playing. I'm using google chrome if that helps give any info regarding the issue.

ZararImtiaz responds:

Thank you very much for the playing my game and giving lots of feedback!!
I will add most of the stuff you have mention because this is a beta version of my game!
The version that will not be beta should have lot of the feature in your feedback! :)
Also it will be much harder in ALL levels!! Let see if you can beat it :wink:

Also to stay updated join our discord!


Credits & Info

2.83 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2020
4:23 PM EDT