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Made this for fun awhile back. Not sure if i'm going to ever continue working on this game but I wanted to at least share it on newgrounds. It's basically a poor mans smash.

You can punch, parry, double jump, and wall jump. Check the options for more details.

Default Controls (Highy recommended to change keybinds to your liking):


*You CAN use a gamepad to play. Make sure you press a button on it first then go to the options menu an click the controller button on the bottom. You will know it's working if the button changes from "None" to a number.

*Press esc to pause.

*Knock someone off to start the match :)

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Game is a bit of a mixed bag for me. On one hand, it doesn't really look finished and is lacking a lot of polish and content to it. I mean, c'mon, you can only pick Jotaro? What about Dio! Jokes aside, there's only one level and it's quite plain, the camera is way too zoomed out generally, and the game moves way too fast at times with little depth to it. However, on the other side, the game actually does have some polish to it, with nice things like a sudden death mode to avoid people taking too long after someone dies, AI bots (so many multi games lack these), satisfying punches with hit-stop, and explosions with cinematic finishes and so on. Also, the simple controls and fast movement can, in a way, give it a nice fast-paced, simplified Dive Kick-esque feel to it all. Basically, I think the game could be a lot of fun if you keep at it: its very rough right now but there are signs of potential here.

Gangbeasts meets SSB.
So I generally thought this was pretty cool, but, and it's a big butt, it needs polish.
The rage screams when eliminated are tiresome, and do not add much to the experience.
Also if knock off recovery is to be a reliable mechanic, I suggest not having the screen dramatically zoom in an out because it naturally makes it harder for the already struggling player to recover, creating unnecessarily punishing negative feed back loop.
I like the quick Dive Kick like skirmish nature of it, but overall it still feels a bit inconsistent.
Thank you for making this.

This seems like the Smash equivalent to Dive-kick. The sound effects are meaty and satisfying, the graphics are basic, but serve their purpose(even if more variety would be appreciated), and the gameplay is fast and shockingly deep. I could see this game being a huge hit if it had more work. Just know that if you do make a full game, I'd buy it.

More skins please (Dio preferably). Awesome game!

the knock-outs feel satisfying and the gameplay is fun with bots or friends. the menu and fight music are bops and the sound effects (screams especially) are great.

the line thickness on the sprites are really low, so the details get lost because of how zoomed-out the camera is. the game would benefit a ton if each player had different colors and there were more maps.

all in all this game gives a great time. hoping for an update!

Credits & Info

3.43 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2020
10:53 PM EDT
  • GameMaker Studio 2

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