Superverse 2

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Message: This is a fan Film for and it is my version of the superman legacy. In My version, dubbed ”Superverse” is a series I am inspired to create. The story begins with the continuation based on the ending of the comic “ A visit to the world of Batman Beyond” by Paul Leuits. Where the comic ended with Superman handing over the responsibility of Earths protection to Terry Mcginnis and the Justice League Beyond heroes. As superman’s intention was to visit other stars. In my story continuation, it basically opens with Superman returning to earth yet again and  made a revelation about Kryptonians on their 100th Birthdays under the Earth’s yellow sun. Superman visits a much older Bruce Wayne ( in my time line he is 103 years old), explaining to him what he discovered and apparently most of what had affected him in the past is now nullified. As he discussed this and and old man Wayne deduced a conclusion, superman was interrupted by Zod, who escaped the Phantom Zone along with other zoners. They easily over powered the justice league beyond and tossed them in the phantom zone.

When superman arrived at the scene he was faced with some ridiculous choice to make. The choice was for him to either save a set of humans on a monorail or stop the zod, his crew and other escaped zoners or try to save his super powered friends from the phantom zone, which will be closed after him once he entered.

Little did zod knows that the phantom zone can be open by the House of El back portal gate accessible by the fortress of solitude, using his DNA. So Superman secretly decided to save the humans first then figure out a way to open the portal to the phantom zone without been trapped. Unfortunately, when superman saved the people on the monorail, he was pounced on by Lex Luthor who had also escaped the phantom zone with a chunk of kryptonite. Lex was determine to kill superman and as he pulled the trigger of the gun and unexpected event occurred with a mystery man (me as a character).

Notation : This is a FAN film made from the island of Jamaica, by Rojay Chambers using Macromedia Flash Professional version 8.

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Give me more ?
Plus how long does it take for
you to animate

Rojay101 responds:

I want to make more, The thing is I am now working at a school and due to the pandemic I have to working online. In my country (Jamaica) things are a bit difficult. I have 13 classes, each having 38 -40 students. Every day I have to be making lessons, and the hours are externally long. I only get 15 minutes break and on the week ends, there are countless online workshops and seminars and developmental training. So the time spend on animation is little. Thanks for the support.