Marcus Peblo!!!!!

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A boy with a destiny...becomes a man with a mission. The original booty baby stars in "Marcus Peblo" Also note Marcus Peblo was the second cartoon that i animated using flash.

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Well, you're certainly off to a good start! This series gets better later. It doesn't hold up as well as the other episodes. It's still good to see where the whole thing started. I like what you do with the preloader. I'm not quite sure how to even start it.

The animation is quite nice. The use of bright colors works so well here. This is a pretty weird voice. Hey, my name's Eric too! While not one of my favorites, I can see why people like this.

Dude this is some trippy shit

buddy, revamp it

I know its your second animation you ever made. But it really suck.
But I think if you revamp ALL episodes for the dvd, more people will buy it. I dont mean "revamp graphic", but revamp EVERYTHING! Story, animations, concept! Then more people buy it ;)

A promising start!

Well this is all a very mysterious start to proceedings here. A lot of mystical sounding mumbo-jumbo is said, and not a single lick of it makes sense! Of course, this is probably all going to be explained in due course, but for a first episode it could be kinder at introducing this strange world.

Shots like the outside one of the sunset and the house looked quite visually impressive and I hope to see more vistas like this in the coming episodes.


booooooo!!!!what is this?!!!