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That´s so Jailbait

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Author Comments

The 2nd Prequel to the underrated masterpiece "Final Ochinchin - Daisuki Desu Editon" is finally here.

Experience the backstory of legal loli Jailbait up until she becomes a slave.

The game is vastly improved over its predecessors, so it should be even better than them.

*The game is also updated now and features additional dialogue clear up certain plot points and some bug fixes.

"So good, i lost my virginity" - IGN

"Where can i buy the Bodypillows ?" - FBI

"A Lolicons Dream" - Anime Community


Arrows - Movement

Enter - Confirm / Enter Buildings

X - Menu / Cancel

The Original game can be found here, for those who want to catch up on the story:

The 1st Prequel can be found here:

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Not bad. But I feel being unable to go back to the first large area is silly. Also, you should really give more equipment and stuff to do. It's a fun beta, though. Perhaps some magic?

The final boss is interesting, but it feels like the attack increases are too fast. It's also massively easy to cheese with a fairly tiny bit of grinding for decent health and potions.

I do find the extremely long maze at the end a bit annoying. I'd prefer it shorter with random enemies in comparison, since at least you might gain a level before the final boss.

"YOu got the Simp credit card". Me: a weeb

The stats make no sense, there is so little npc interaction even after you complete their quest. There's just nothing gripping.

DivineLightXIX responds:

The reason why there barely any NPCs is that there are the big Waifu Wars going on and our
protagonist is actually just trying to escape the merchandise nation from making her a Bodypillow, so i thought it wouldn´t really fit the story to have lots of NPCs that one would talk to, because you´re running away. You want to escape and not stay in villages, where lots of people had ill intentions about her.

The stats yeah they don´t really make a lot of sense, but fighting isn´t that important in this game anyway. So i didn´t focus much on it. It´s more about the story and the journey itself. It´s not like the fights are actually difficult anyway.

Also i just made these games, because i was bored for awhile. So to anyone who plays this
don´t expect too much about it. Some parts were even made while drunk with friends sooo yeah. That should also explain a lot.

hmm interesting last boss. interesting indeed i also love who you used for the simp queen and her other forms :)

DivineLightXIX responds:

Thanks, really glad you enjoyed the game.

the fake out boss in the beginning takes all my health, and since there's no where i can find to replenish my health so the first boss keeps killing wtf, also this retarded

DivineLightXIX responds:

You have to lose the first fight.

Credits & Info

3.05 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2020
6:32 PM EDT