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Author Comments

I’m proud to introduce Complex, my second Pico-8 game, inspired by Commodore-64 Citadel, a game I deeply loved during my childhood.

All security droids have gone mad, you need to reach the lowest level to deactivate them by hacking the mainframe.


Complete every level by reaching the passage to the next one. Then, hack the mainframe to deactivate all the security droids.

You can capture droids and use the switch to open doors, but be careful because it costs power.


-- Joypad --

D-pad = move

X button + D-Pad  = shoot

O button + D-Pad = interact with objects or capture and move an enemy droid

X+O buttons = destroy a captured droid

-- Keyboard --

Arrow Keys = move

Z + arrow keys = shoot

X + arrow keys = interact with objects or capture and move an enemy droid

Z+X keys = destroy a captured droid


iu_138323_5036720.png = Power Recharge

iu_138324_5036720.png = Energy Shield Recharge

iu_138325_5036720.png = Activate Defensive Droid

iu_138326_5036720.png = Bullet upgrade

iu_140026_5036720.png = Open door if standing next to the switch

iu_138328_5036720.png = Capture Enemy Droid


Pico-8 Tunes vol. 2 – Into the belt by Gruber_Music

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I was in the middle of 1-4 and I pressed X+C and suddenly it skipped to the end screen where it says I had deactivated the mainframe and I don't know what I did

Pretty cool game, but it is (ironically, given the title) a bit too complex that makes it very confusing at first, and given the extremely punishing gameplay with no checkpoints or continues, very easy to give up on, unfortunately. Firing has a weird input issue where it would ignore my inputs most of the time, and the interact button was weird since it makes it look like you could unlock a door from a distance by hovering over it, but it only works if you're right next to it. Graphics and animations are really cool, but the lack of music and any major art differences between levels really makes it feel like you're making little progress. Once you get into the game and figure out how everything works, its great, but until then it can be really confusing.

The art is great and all, but the controls leave something to be desired, it would be better if instead of using the same controls you use to move + another key, the action where perfomed in an area, like press F and te robot inside that area is attacked, or uing the WASD to move and the arrows to shoot.

Confusing controls.

Good start but it needs some work.
The issue I have the most troubles with is firing.
Even while pressing z to go in firing mode I sometimes cannot fire / it takes a long time till it fires.
Not sure what causes that issue but it is annoying when enemy bots close in and cannons starts firing at me because you cannot move in firing mode as the arrow keys are then used to shoot in the chosen direction.

A smaller issue is that the defense drone should not circle around you and block enemy attacks by chance because it is then pretty luck based if it blocks their attacks or not.
It even seems to block your own attack if it is in the way and hence protect the enemy then.
Instead it should be a shield that can block any enemy / enemy attacks from 3 squares in one direction - like the square above you and the ones left and right to it.
Also there should then be a button that allows you to change the shield's position - like using C to go into mode to adjust the shield's position and then use the arrows to change the position.
After going into shield mode you would then have a cooldown of a few seconds before you can change the position again.