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ANAKIN Chp 3: Your Princess Is in Another Castle

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They are still coming through!

As always happens with queens and princesses, Queen Padme Amidala has been captured, and the Jedi must save her. But there's paperwork and a whole process...

These chapters can be watched out of order as long as you've seen the Star Wars prequels, but you can watch the previous chapters here on Newgrounds:

Watch Chp 4 now:

Chp 2

Chp 1

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Daily 2-nd place well deserved!

Hmm, this got better as it went on. I will admit it was weird with the title. Shouldn't Chapter 3 be about Episode III? Anyway, it's a very funny cartoon. I especially loved the jokes with R2D2. The tape bit was the best.

At least it got front page. Hey, Jar-Jar had little of a role! Just like all the other movies! The voices were quite good. It follows the movie faithfully, even if many people don't like that.

squeakytoad responds:

Thanks for watching. This parody series plays out like a Disney origin story for Anakin - episode numbers don't match up to the Star Wars movies. Thought about dropping the numbers but figure it helps folks watch them in order.

Freakin' funny! Loved it.

squeakytoad responds:

Thanks, and thanks for going back to check out the series (saw the other review)