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Sana forest Jump

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needs smoother reaction time in 00:2 and 00:3 in transitioning feels kinda rough try smoothing it out a little and it should be pretty decent

Better than mine for sure <3 <3
I rly like tha fantasy style yoo Keep it up make a short story or two hmmm I'll be waiting $_$

Really cool posing. The timing looks good, but hard to tell without inbetweens. After I watched it 4 times, I just realised that it is a ravine and not a muddy puddle. (Maybe too low the contrast at the edge of the cliff, or too soft.) I quite like the far part of the background. Trees with faint light is nicely made. Keep it up!:)

Looks exciting

absolutely fantastic animation, very fluid animation in general and good pace too,
the background is very detailed and nicely formed, while the main character is a beautiful faun/deer girl, and i loved her cute face expression, her whole design, her outfit and her entire set of poses+movements...

all in all, this was a short, but masterfully done short movie, and i absolutely love how style of drawing and the smooth animation.
keep it up, and do more cool stuff like this!