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(MuskJam) The Self Driving Car problem

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Can AI solve this moral conundrum? Can I go to sleep now, it's like past 2 am? We might never know.

Thanks to dogl for voicing musk and I hope everyone had/has a good animation jam!

(edit) also thanks for the front page!

The boring stuff:

This was just a bit of fun after working hard on a cartoon for months. As you can probably tell, I had to rush this one in the animation department because of the deadline, but I'm happy with some aspects of it.

That big beefy toon in question should be releasing in July, so look out for that.

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this is dumb and i friggin love it. great animation.


Great visuals

The voice work was pretty amazing as was the visuals now while this was a short one you still have some nice work here, I wouldnt mind some added subtitles, I was still enlightened by it and hope to see more from you soon, This was pretty awsome but certainly Could use more work and more effort in some spots and what-not, Good luck on everything else This is like an advanced piece of work so your hard work does show in the visuals and thats what really impressed me the most, So thats what I take away from this one a very nice experience.

I wouldnt mind some added subtitles


I'm addicted to the little sound the car makes when it gets confused

that musk for yea