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Solobot 0.1

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Author Comments

This game is the first version so it still needs improvement but this is still glimpse of what is yet to come , your full honesty will help a lot

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It's not fair! The gameplay looks broken! Can you fix it!

not bad but not good either

It needs a lot of work.The framerate is shot,the mouse gets out of the screen constantly so i cannot turn effectively,the shooting sound is a bit loud,it needs more contrast so i can see where im going.Add some colourful neon lights if you want it Sci-fy.Maybe make the arena a bit bigger.

It's too dark to see anything and it's incredibly chaotic (very high fire rate, numerous enemies, impeccable enemy accuracy).

I like the environment with those glowing objects, but you can't even see yourself, let alone enemies. That's the first thing I'd work on.

Then, I'd decrease the rate of fire and make enemies less common and try making them move smarter. A few good enemies are better than a mindless mob which goes directly to you and always knows where to shoot. And a health bar might be better than exact numbers since it's hard to read them when you're moving around quickly.

You can also hold space to "fly"; I don't know if it's intentional. And obstacles/barriers might help the player with crowd control (i.e. hide behind a wall and shoot enemies which try to go around it).

The game is certainly 'promising', but currently also unplayable.

If you hold down the space bar, the character keeps going up. Is this intended?

Also, I can't figure out the goal of the game. I keep shooting but the enemies kill you pretty fast. Usually, I don't play shooters, so I don't know if this is normal.

Credits & Info

2.67 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2020
7:22 PM EDT