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a reverse space shooter where you choose who lives and dies

can you survive 7 nights?


13 jun 2020

  • fixed an issue with the game window being cropped, should be fine now

duloga is a game about our struggle against police brutality, extrajudicial killings, red-tagging, and state terrorism in the philippines

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good game just make sure the du29+1 supporters or the pnp doesnt find u lmao
I agree w the message the game sends and has pretty fun gameplay even if its main goal is to be a political art piece

Really love this game (well, love it as much as a game that makes me feel like crap and question how the world operates can, haha)! Even though I was able to guess how the game was going to end up, what with blue being labeled "cops," but yellow being labeled "yellow," not "crook," and that gets even more tenuous as the quotas increase and the labels get more and more confusing, I nonetheless loved the progression, especially since it was baked into the gameplay itself, not just told to you explicitly. The gameplay putting you into this role of being some kinda judge, jury and executioner, and not even being allowed to fight back by reducing the time limit, can really get under your skin and make you question what are you supposed to do. My journey through the game was quite a ride: first I went along with it, next I fought back by timing out but it punished, I tried to keep cheating it however I could by eventually I went along with it with morbid curiosity, knowing that my player would be next on the wall (I was very close to being compelled to just shut the game off half-way as some sort of moral victory). Again, very impressive narrative that is built not through words, but gameplay mechanics that really get you into the role and helplessness and shared responsibility and morality and intimately think about this stuff.

Considering the current state of the world, I'd say this game was well timed.

Once i realized the quota will reach more than 14 i knew something was up

Absolutely incredible, if anyone still needs proof that videogames can be art, this is it. I often struggle to properly articulate to people why due process is so important. This game makes it perfectly clear in 5 minutes.

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3.32 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2020
3:17 AM EDT
  • Unity

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