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[BTNverse] Prep-school horrors

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Author Comments

If you want more of this, consider playing the prequel here: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/755829

Prep-school horrors is a minimalist bullet hell RPG set in a prep-school before the end of times. You play as a class of students who are being prepared to face the approaching outer gods who wish to end the world.

Fight progressively harder battles and solve abstract riddles to get strong enough to kill the end. Will you be the one who saves the world, or will you end up as food for the outer gods?



  • 28 randomly-generated students
  • Bullet hell battles
  • Leveling up
  • 3 exams and then one final exam
  • No save system
  • Guest music vocals by Ica: https://twitter.com/1caaake



  • Keyboard: WASD/arrow keys to move.
  • Mobile/mouse: click a corner of the screen to move in that direction.

The full soundtrack is available here:


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i got 6/6 MUST RESET and how do you get the other endings

adriendittrick responds:

The other endings depend on actions you take during the various tests, like doing maths correctly, not being level 5 in the physics room, and keeping the engineering teacher alive.

i got the 7th ending: back to nothing and just looking at the comments means i probably shouldnt have became level 5 in the physics room

adriendittrick responds:

The physics room cannot hold your form!

I got ending 5/8: The Last Stand.
I hope there will be more games in this series, this was really cool!

I'll admit, this game was pretty frustrating, and I don't quite know what I did wrong?
I'm gonna assume to get the other endings, I need to:
1. Not let the Engineering teacher die
2. Get the stuff in the right order in the math room
3. Defeat the janitor I assume

I read below that being Level 5 in the Physics room just makes the game end, so I doubt that matters at all. Is there a no death ending?

adriendittrick responds:

Hey! getting level 5 in the physics room doesn't make the game end, it just destroys the earth. You can still play and win the game but then you have no earth to save.
There isn't a no death ending, but I have another version in the works with a perma-death mode.

Also If you are looking for more games in the series, here are a few:

went it end it says U MUST RESET what does that mean? I think we learn and learn then we get friends and idk finale exam mean Is there a easter egg so i can do something? at the end

Edit: Oh thx But how to not Get Above Level 5?
and Thx for ur reply

adriendittrick responds:

hey! there are 8 different endings depending on how your exams go. If you're asked to reset it's probably that humanity is dead because you were level 5 or above in the physics room.

Damn that was a hard game, but it becomes a lot easier once you've armed up with friends. Had no clue from the game itself how it worked with deciding an ending, though comments cleared that up, partially. The interactions are still a little weird, especially for the math one, I've got no clue what the riddle even is with the maths exam, so some more (ie any) in-game clarity on those would have been good.

adriendittrick responds:

Yeah the interactions are meant to be obscure :p
Glad you enjoyed it regardless :)