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[BTNverse] Prep-school horrors

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If you want more of this, consider playing the prequel here: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/755829

Prep-school horrors is a minimalist bullet hell RPG set in a prep-school before the end of times. You play as a class of students who are being prepared to face the approaching outer gods who wish to end the world.

Fight progressively harder battles and solve abstract riddles to get strong enough to kill the end. Will you be the one who saves the world, or will you end up as food for the outer gods?



  • 28 randomly-generated students
  • Bullet hell battles
  • Leveling up
  • 3 exams and then one final exam
  • No save system
  • Guest music vocals by Ica: https://twitter.com/1caaake



  • Keyboard: WASD/arrow keys to move.
  • Mobile/mouse: click a corner of the screen to move in that direction.

The full soundtrack is available here:


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Loved it! Are there actually 8 endings? (got 7/8)
Also really liked the song with the vocals at the end.

edit: cimer!

adriendittrick responds:

thanks for the love :)
There are 8 endings but they are really quite similar to one another.
The vocal song can be listened to here: https://soundcloud.com/adrien-dittrick/collab-prep-school-br

I've come back to the game twice now. The art direction and atmosphere are mostly responsible. It sort of reminds me of an odd cross between Persona Revelations and 2hu. Does a fine job of building this uneasy tension. My first play I had 0 idea of what to do, ended up doing everything wrong haha. Second playthrough I did everything right, but lost the teacher right near the end of that exam, and wandered back into the Physics room by mistake at level 8, wrecking reality. Is there a way to drop the weapon you've picked up? I sort of gave up after getting wrecked by the Hall Monitor several times. I eventually slipped past it, but only managed ending 3/8.

Good, weird lil game.

adriendittrick responds:

yeah your weapon is permanent, no dropping.
Thanks for coping back though, the students are grateful!

This is a really, really, strange game, and I of course mean that in the best way, haha. Love the really weird environment, kooky battles, and mysterious nature that permeates it which shocks and disturbs you constantly. Who says that all horror games need to be these first-person low-light no-weapon run-away games? This does a great job at building an unsettling and mysterious atmosphere, while simultaneously also being action-packed and fun with its great soundtrack and weird combat. The obtuse mechanics can be a bit of a double-edged sword at times: while its fun to get lost in the bizarreness and try to piece together what the heck you're even doing, some of the weirdness can be frustrating to figure out. For example, the pathfinding of your allies can be really, really bad, making you back-track to try to keep them all together or to make them pick up weapons (thankfully though, it seems that the game assembles all of them for a fight no matter what, so why even have them wandering around and getting lost instead of just putting them in your pocket like other RPGs if it just confuses you in the end?) The combat can also fluctuate between challenging and fun, way too erratic and unpredictable to realistically fight, to just braindead if you have a bunch of allies that just annihilate the enemy before it can even show you its moves. Basically, the game is a really crazy game, which makes it very interesting as an experience, but it sometimes works against itself with how crazy it can be, haha! Made it to ending 1/8 (lost the engineering headmaster) and will try and see if I can go for the others!

adriendittrick responds:

Thanks a lot for this thoughtful review, and I'm glad you had fun in my little existential dread of a universe :)

I had a blast with this, not only the aesthetic is great, the main idea of roam the school searching for anyone who can help you is interesting, the bullet hell mechanic is erraqtic but easy to undesrtand, the music im awesome, retro and really sticks in my head, at some point i treated those messages like my intrusive thoughs, i simply ignored them and focused on how to win against more and more enemies, really great, awesome work

adriendittrick responds:

thanks a lot for the kind review :) I have another upcoming project in this series.

This is like a mixture of Undertale and Baldi's Basics!

adriendittrick responds:

somewhat true!

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3.71 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2020
10:58 AM EDT
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  • Daily 5th Place June 4, 2020