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The Lighthouse Girl

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This animation was made back in 2009 and was basically a senior project that got a little out of hand. We wanted to tell a little story about a girls' daily journey through a mysterious island and everything she must do to light a magical lighthouse. It is vastly different from the work I usually make because it is mostly the brainchild of Channel-Square, who did all the backgrounds and designs. I boarded and animated, while Ngawang Samphel did the music, who composed it to match every moment in the short and did an incredible job. All in all, it took us almost a year to complete this.

I wish I still had the time, energy and focus to still make stuff on this scale and scope, but what can I say - times change and life comes at you fast. Anyway, I still have fond memories of this and I hope you enjoy it. If you want to know a little more about it, I built a small site for it that I still maintain here.

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Really inspiring. Not only is this excellent in all the technical aspects, such as the delightfully gorgeous backgrounds, lighting and the core principles of animation. It's story and characters are also engaging being very simple, but well written and that's all that this lighthearted and sugery-sweet story needs.

If I can say one word to describe this work, it would be called beautiful.

This would be a good video game character. You could think up a plot, a few moves, and pitch it to someone who develops games. You could get a good thing going with it

Fantastic job, i was captivated from the beginning. the animation, cuts & fading is perfect, if it was a series or a movie,i would watch it. great job everyone πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’—πŸ’—

Amazing film for sure

Love how you start this off too the intense details are amazing art and lighting effects really come together with this one, I really have no changes at all for this one as you have made a masterpiece, Ok so now lets get to the details of this movie and I can already tell you its pretty good, I feel this could have been a little better you want to grasp the audiance with some dazzling visuals you have done most of that but a few extras wouldnt hurt, This was a fun experience here on this film and I really enjoyed reviewing this work of art here well film but it was like a work of art visually.

I really have no changes at all for this one as you have made a masterpiece


The style was so cozy and warm. Watching this made me happy