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what the fuck

rredgrizzlytoons responds:

Hello, whoever you are. You’ve just found a Super Mario parody cartoon I posted on Newgrounds. Isn’t that strange? A man like RredGrizzly, someone so simple and plain, posting a Newgrounds cartoon. What’s so wrong about that? I’m sure if you’re from around here, you’ve heard of what is contained in this said "Super Mario parody". Edgy humor, offensive jokes. All of that made just on Flipaclip.
I made this when I was 11. I’ll elaborate on that later.
And, y’know, I wouldn’t call myself “plain” either. I mean, people may think I’m plain when they first meet me. Just a kid who can draw and voice act, who’s seen stuff on the Internet way before they should've, and supposedly just got over it. Right?
Wrong. I’ll never get over it...and...the fact I used the Internet underaged isn’t the only reason. You see, bonfilms introduced me. Not a surprise, most people know that, but it wasn’t on accident. He keeps saying it was, but he’s a liar. He hates me. And he hated what I would've became. You see, bonfilms wasn’t settled knowing all the horrors, and me being blissfully unaware of the Internet almost my entire life. So he traveled back in time. He gave me an iPad when I was only 4. And, y’know, that’s why I didn’t like him in the first place, he was always a terrible kid, not worth my time. But now I hate him even more that I ever have. He’s done so much to hurt my soul for almost a decade now.
...My god...
Ever since I figured out his whole scheme, I wanted to just put my hands around his neck and just squeeze the life out of his lungs, but, of course, if I ever did that, I’d get caught. I couldn’t work because I was thinking too much about bon. I couldn’t concentrate on anything. People wanting more cartoons, and it kept fogging up my mind, and I needed a release.
Then I had an idea. Hey! Maybe it doesn’t have to necessarily have to be bonfilms. I could just take my anger out on anything, making the most edgiest cartoon I could possibly think of. Now. Where do all of those cartoons go? Newgrounds. And hey, if bonfilms wanted to ruin me, why not give him a taste of his own medicine. I spent a few days creating the whole thing. From recording the lines, animating it all, to revealing it to the public. I couldn’t go too far, of course. It’d get taken down. So I made it simple enough to make it bearable, but edgy enough to make it painful… It was hell for them, but it was heaven for me.
And then I leave, without the slightest bit of guilt! So there you go. And now that you’ve heard this, you should know, that I check the comment section of this video everyday to see any new comments. I’ve seen it so many times, I’ll be able to see even the slightest difference. I will know. So you better take that back, Rollins. As neatly as you can.

And start running.

wwow this is so cool nice job!!!,,


epic parody

I mean, it's meant to be like this.