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Word Search Mania

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Author Comments

WebGL version of a game I uploaded to the Google Play store. Playable via point and click or touchscreen.

Word Search Mania is a casual game for those that enjoy word searches. Each game is unique as the letters are randomly generated and new letters are added every time a word is found and struck out from the board.

Feedback on the difficulty would be really helpful for me. Is this too easy/ too hard/ just right?

First time for me implementing a scoreboard in Newgrounds so hopefully it works OK.

Both UK English and US English spelling for words are accepted. Invalid words include proper nouns, slang or informal words, acronyms and words that require an apostrophe.

More game modes and more difficulty levels are available on the Google Play store version for free here:


The Google Play version is ad supported but the ads are entirely optional and used for features like retrying a level or getting extra specials. Downloads would be greatly appreciated and would help support my development.

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Ultimately it isn't really anything new, but it definitely does work for what it is. I think perceptions are an interesting thing on this 'Sentientsparrow' said they felt they got the hang of it after playing a few times, but their high score of 14 suggests they never made it past the first level (requires a score of 25). In fact at the moment I am writing this only the top 7 scores have passed the first level, the top 6 passed the second level, the top 3 passed the third... Just looking at the score it suggests the times are a bit short...

I personally had that feeling as well, but most of the time not because of the timer, I think the game has some other downsides that make the time feel shorter:
1. First and foremost you have to go away from the playing board to confirm your word. This takes precious time and is annoying.
2. Before going to click there is no indication of what the game accepts as a word, this can very easily bring you to make a real word that the game doesn't accept and then have it rejected and have to go back and change it.
3. The dragging really needs improvement. Dragging diagonally just doesn't work well it has a tendency to select to either side. Because dragging is typically how these games are played this is how most will be used to selecting.
4. Although I like the ability to click to select words combining mechanics in a game and not differentiating their function (i.e. you can switch back and forth and mix and match while playing) can cause unintended problems and confusion while playing.

All of that being said I personally prefer games that promote word length and complexity over spamming short words to hit a score. I,e, instead of a timer maybe I could be able to make x number of words and I have to make a certain score with that.

Like I said perceptions are different for different people. Sentientsparrow felt they got a hang of it and never made it out of the first level. As of writing this I have the top score (303) and did not feel that I got a hang of it.

FuzzyAnimalGames responds:

Thanks for this detailed feedback. This is more than I was hoping for and is extremely helpful. I admit this was optimised for a mobile experience and probably doesn't translate too well to browser based. The diaganol issue is an interesting one that I considered during development - there is actually a buffer area for either adjacent block corner but I might need to increase the size. The longer word length is an interesting idea - I might add that as another game mode. Thanks again for taking the time to play and writing this up.

Solid game. Instructions are clear. Regarding the difficulty, initially I found it hard to complete the level within the given time. I'm slow like that. But after playing a few more times, I got the hang of it. A good game. Well done.

FuzzyAnimalGames responds:

Thank you for taking the time to play and leaving feedback. I think most people are finding it difficult unless they play a lot of word games. I think I'll add a hint feature in the future to highlight words when the player is idle for period of time. Hopefully it'll make the first couple of rounds easier to tackle.

Credits & Info

2.93 / 5.00

May 28, 2020
8:24 PM EDT