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Let There Be Lenny Ep. 4

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Episode 4 "Mooch Fight!"

Using orbs is a sign of weakness in Mooch culture, but Spinks believes the time for respect has passed


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I want to see more of these.

LetThereBeLenny responds:

thanks for becoming a fan! new episode next week!

I can't help but feel bad for Lenny haha. Looking forward to the next one.

this is not bad, the art could be work on just abit unless thats your style. but overall this is pretty decent! Impressed to see the fight scenes.

LetThereBeLenny responds:

this seems to be the consensus, I will say it is stylistically amateur to an extent, but would love to hear about ways to improve it

I love the motion and animation, although you definitely need to work on your art style.

edit: yeah, basically

LetThereBeLenny responds:

Would you say the problem with the art style is that its just crudely drawn and inconsistent?

Art needs work, good animation though.