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How to wear a facemask (my first Animation)

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Please tell em what you guys think about it

If there is anything i can improve let me know!

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I can see you're trying your best to make something you're proud of while also trying to stay light hearted. Your audio quality needs some work. Sounds like you recorded the video in a fairly empty room. Try putting pillows or some sort of noise canceling material (foam) in the area you record to fix that audio. If you need a better microphone I suggest the Blue Yeti. You can get them from almost any electronic store and they are a fair price. As for the art and animation, it isnt bad, but it didnt keep my attention. Give it a little more life. Try moving the character around with some squashing and stretching. Watch Odd1sout on YT for some examples of it. Other than that not bad

While the art-style is good, this hardly counts as animation since it's a bunch of drawings and your voice

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2.36 / 5.00

May 24, 2020
1:12 PM EDT