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Butter Chronicles

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We are 3 days into the release of Butter Chronicles and there's been feedback on several bugs! In this update, I've squashed a large majority of them (please let me know if there are any more) and added in some new features as well! Hope you'll enjoy!

New Features

- Added a mute button.

- Added a description panel to display item descriptions on Hover.

- Added a hint to all undiscovered items for some slight assistance.

- Items can now be clicked instead of dragged and dropped for greater convenience.

- A small phrase "This is a final item." is added to final items to prevent the player from using it in a combination and wasting time.

Bugs Squashed

- Buttons can be dragged to the item slots causing game to be unplayable.

- Slots are not resetting when Butter Me Up! is pressed.

- Fixed a bug where discoveries were found when items were found again.

- Fixed a bug where the player can find the same found item again.

- Fixed a bug where progress was not saved when navigating to different game scenes.


Mother has entrusted you to find Butter. Set forth on an item-crafting and combining journey to challenge the Butter Beasts of the East for the ultimate trophy. Will you be able to find all the items in Butter Chronicles? (Please excuse the dad puns, LOL.)

Butter Chronicles is a single-player item-crafting mini-game where you try to find Butter! This is my second game alone from scratch I have thoroughly enjoyed the development process. Compared to the previous game, I have dedicated myself to drawing more item objects using pixel art and I've definitely learnt a lot from this small game! Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!

Available on WebGL, MacOS and Windows.

Download the game at https://tsucchi.itch.io/butter-chronicles!


Simple mouse / trackpad controls anyone can master!

Click on an item to Butter-it-up!

Click on a Filled Item Slot to remove the item.


A special shoutout to the extremely awesome royalty-free audio sources which I've used on Butter Chronicles.

Main Menu & Game Theme:  https://soundcloud.com/sei_peridot/poema

Item Found:  https://freesound.org/people/Kastenfrosch/sounds/162476/

Menu Buttons:  https://freesound.org/people/Christopherderp/sounds/342200/


As this is an initial build of Butter Chronicles, I'm going to need all the feedback I can get! Please let me know if you find any bugs for me to squash / things that annoy you when playing the game!


Follow me on Instagram @tsucchi.dev to join me on my game development journey with regular dev-log posts and making art for games! A DM on instagram would be the easiest way to reach me. You may also contact me at tsucchi.dev@gmail.com.

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I didn't find butter. But I found a chicken. And another chicken. And an egg. And another egg. And then I had to pause because I was laughing too hard.
It's like Doodle God and the puns make it pretty cute, even if some combinations don't make much sense :)

TsucchiDev responds:

Thanks for playing! I’m glad you enjoyed it, haha!

Nvm, I did it!! Fun game!!

TsucchiDev responds:

Oh, great!! Thanks for playing the game, glad you enjoyed it!! Cheers!

nice game i like the song and the dad puns are not too bad... there is a bug were you drag and put the ingredients in the box and press butter me up and the ingredients don't go back they just stay in the box

TsucchiDev responds:

Thanks for playing the game! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to replicate the bug you mentioned... Could I ask for some more information on what happened and which browser you were using? Cheers!

Had fun until "Butter up" button jumped over the item slots breaking the game. Opera browser.

TsucchiDev responds:

Thanks for playing the game and providing feedback! This was a big bug. I've just updated the game squashing some bugs from the feedback I've received and added some new features! Please try again :D! Hope you'll enjoy it better this time!

would be great if you could click an item then click the slot to place it there, and also if it was somehow indicated when you reached the end of the line (i.e. when there is nothing new that can be created with a given item)

edit- actually completed the game this time, and enjoyed it ;) thanks!

TsucchiDev responds:

Thanks for trying out my little game! That would make it much more convenient to be honest, I'll take a look at it later for future development! Cheers!

Edit: Just updated the game taking your feedback into consideration! If you would like, please try again!