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This game was made using a rushed custom engine, started off as memes. Unfortunately, we ran out of time so not everything was added, but alas, I'm satisfied with the outcome.

Tip: Use the first try to explore the house and familiarize yourself with touchable objects.

Play with sound!


Miscen keeps taking your belongings, can you get them back, before something goes horribly wrong?

  • Why is your charger missing? Your laptop just died because of it!
  • Who stole your watering can? Your plants died from having nothing to drink!

Solve these riddles and find Miscen before it’s too late!

How to Play:

The riddles show you where Miscen is hiding. Browse the rooms . Press E on an object to make a guess/search for Miscen there. After you find Miscen, return the item to win!

If you guess incorrectly, you lose 10 seconds! Solve the riddles, find Miscen, and return the items before time runs out.


  • [WASD/Arrows]: Move
  • [E]: Interact/Search
  • [R]: Show/Hide Riddle Sheet

Made for Ludum Dare 46 and Geta Game Jam 11!


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it's really hard unless you know the layout and play the game multiple time, its a nice idea but it needs a lot of polish

danidre14 responds:

I agree. There were so many things planned, ranging from a tutorial with the room layout as well as more visuals and explanations. Sadly we were only able to get this far with the time constraints. Thanks for playing!

it feels like everything is wrong with this game. the timer starts as soon as the game starts, but when the game starts you read the riddle first, making you lose your already little time. search the house for what you think is the object the riddle is making reference to but if you guess wrong you lose 10 seconds which actually is a lot. visualy the game is terrible considering you also have to guess how the thing you're searching for looks. the sound is terible. as the time runs out new music starts playing but it plays over the current music to the point were you dont know what you're listening anymore.

i can only compare this game with E.T, that cursed game for some atari console, despite not sharing the same thematic.

im rating not 1 but 2 stars because i think the concept is somewhat refreshing from what im used to.

danidre14 responds:

Thank you for your review. All of your critique was in alignment with the reviews on the Ludum Dare page, and they do match the tradeoffs we agreed upon when making the game.

You can toggle the riddle on and off. And you have 90 seconds to solve it. Meaning you can take 30 seconds to read and think of one, and a minute to find it.

Some player's strategy was to glance it in 5 seconds and look around and, since they can reopen it, glance it again to verify while looking around...

It's meant to be quick paced and risky. Sometimes when you can't solve it you make a guess, risking some time.

I'm not too sure I follow with your critique on visuals and audio, but at last, everyone has different preferences.

Regardless, thank you for trying out our game :)

It is hard to me

danidre14 responds:

It was hard for me too! :D Thanks for playing.

"Play with sound!"
No thanks.
Expect some people to not play with the sound on, and don't make it a requirement.
There are lots of reasons that people might want to play with sound off, but I'll name the 2 most obvious:
They might be at work playing, and even on break: they don't want the sound on at their office.
They might be playing at an hour that requires being quiet.
(eg - someone on the phone / trying to sleep.)

While this is less than you had planned, I'm glad you're happy with the results.
There is still time to add the additional features / content you had planned.
Or you can start on "the next thing".

danidre14 responds:

The general idea behind the entire game was the experience where the race against the clock gets you hyped. Playing with sound was greatly encouraged.

Maybe I could have said "Play with sound to get best experience!" Since that's what we centered the game around. I guess I never thought of anyone deciding to play my game while they're on their work break, after all, riddles do require extra work :P

But yes, I could revisit this one day but I'm working on "the next thing" (a proper game engine)

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May 21, 2020
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