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Bankrupt City (game idea)

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Author Comments

A bankrupt city is selling real estate.

Participate in the auction – buy a building for a good price!

Players staying in your building will have to pay you a fee. Moreover, if you own a neighboring building, the stopping fee increases.

So try to buy the buildings you need, and prevent other players from doing it. Or make the other players overpay at the auction.

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Hard but enjoyable game! It's so fun letting your enemy bid high on a 1 dollar lease

1) PC are going against you, it seems that one takes "pay a lot,create chains approach" and the other - as a gatekeeper, not going up high, and holding a bank to keep you from getting assets for nominal fee
2) You should force them to buy at high prices to wear them down, note how much they are ready to pay for each slot, also if they're going up in increments of ten - it's generally safe to up them, if they're going 5 - it's risky, if they're going less than 5 - they're almost certain to bankrupt(cheap 1-2-3 chains really help there)
3) Really good option is to let them go down to 0 even alowing creation of chains: there's a good chance they'll go bankrupt. If not - retry.
Since the game is stacking so much against you there seems no guaranteed win strategy, so retry alot, just like in classical monopoly
PS Очень рад, что автор "50 лет" всё ещё геймдизайнит! Спасибо за классные игромеханики.

During the auction we need to see which cpu is betting on what building. Also, I would suggest a naming system (like Carl or Sally) instead of CPU1 and CPU2. Also, the arrow in the center screen should change color so that we can easily see whose turn it is. It would also be nice to be able to pick a color to play as.

The random number generator seems to be broken.
With 16 locations, I hit the same 1 3 turns in a row, and half the properties have never been hit after about 60 turns.
I've played through about half a dozen rounds, and this seems to be more typical, rather than the exception. One game we went about 12 turns with only landing on 3 properties.

Edit: just had another typical game:
Turn 1, player lands on high value property, bids on it until almost max, CPU 2 wins, CPU1's turn, lands on same property putting CPU2 back in the game, CPU2 then lands on property next to it and is able to buy it. Player lands on original one on his 2nd turn, putting CPU2 in the lead and bankrupting player.

Edit 2: When you have 2 active opponents: they don't bid against each other, so you have to bid if you want either of them to pay above the starting amount. This puts you at a 2:1 disadvantage (or 3:1 in the final battle) as you're effectively playing against 2 cooperating opponents.

Credits & Info

2.73 / 5.00

May 20, 2020
10:01 AM EDT