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The Life of a Normal Guy Simulator

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i think this might be unplayable on the newgrounds player

When you make an adventure story, I get that your assignment was to include bad endings, but don't have bad endings for the sake of bad endings.

Doing something normal and reasonable should not run you into an unreasonable result.

Your graphics are crude / basic, but they are clear and recognizable.
The game is understandable, and the arrows are clickable, and functional.

You've forced the situation to be brief "no time for both eating and bathing before bed: pick one" This seems arbitrary and artificial.

I suggest instead that you have a clock, and that each thing you do takes a specific amount of time. The time it takes should be close to reality. (Not an 8 hour bath for example.)

Then you want to have a way to go to bed. You have a set of stairs, but no way to go up them.

You also start at the end of the day, so the game is almost over from the start.

I'd suggest you start in the morning
Choices could include:
Start coffee, eat breakfast, shave, shower, get dressed, read newspaper, check email, check the weather, turn on the TV, and of course: leave for work.
You could make each of them take a specific amount of time, and things like e-mail could branch out into things like "message from boss", "message from girlfriend", "message from stock broker", etc
If the player spends too long on email: they are late for work.
If the player tries to do too many activities: they are late for work.
You can have a digital clock advancing and letting them know what time it is.

Bad outcomes could include: you forgot to check the weather, and so didn't bring your umbrella to work, got soaked coming home.

You forgot to shave, and had to go to a meeting with a 5 o'clock shadow.

You ran out of time and didn't get breakfast.

Good endings could include: good thing you checked the weather, the rain came down, but you were ready.

Good thing you checked the email, your boss let you know about the meeting.
Good thing you checked the message from your broker: you got in an a stock that went way up today.


Credits & Info

2.57 / 5.00

May 20, 2020
7:16 AM EDT