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Author Comments


developed to use on tablets and phones !

but functions great as a HTML5 prototype version.

use arrow keys on keyboard to move and click mouse to shoot

It's the year 20020

18000 years ago the earth was startled by a dangerous viral outbreak causing a Catastrophe.☄️

You are piloting  Space ship flying through time and space firing deadly energy Missiles.🚀

Destroy millions of co-vid .👾

Dodge any dangerous and deadly projectile that the enemy  will propel . 🩸

destroy and survive to accumulate massive score. 💯

Can you beat your previous hi score?⁉️

the sound effects 🔊

Downloaded on May 14th, 2020

     S: Explosion by Iwiploppenisse -- https://freesound.org/s/156031/ -- License: Attribution

Downloaded on May 13th, 2020

     S: Electronic music track X1 by frankum -- https://freesound.org/s/426470/ -- License: Attribution

     S: Laser Wrath 4.wav by marcuslee -- https://freesound.org/s/42106/ -- License: Sampling+

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Please program the game letting me use WASD keys and make the speed slower!

Feels like a very simplified version of space invaders.
I'm guessing this is your first game release, but didn't check.
If so: welcome to being a developer! And keep going!

"its to bring awareness to the dangers of covid in a clicker shooter game"
If it is meant to be CORVID-19 then it should take place in the human body (as one game did) or between people, with the goal of preventing transmission.

As to game play: The controls on a PC for left / right movement is too sensitive, and probably shouldn't be that fast on a phone either. Part of the original space invaders was to plan for the movements of the invaders, and develop a strategy to deal with them.

Dialing down the movement speed, and adding multiple lives, would greatly help the game.

As to CORVID-19, it is not nearly as dangerous as the media has presented.
Fatality rates were boosted in the USA early on by an incident in an assisted living facility.
The high rate there in the over 80 population skewed the numbers.
How many of those that died to CORVID-19 wouldn't have lasted another 6 months anyway?
We'll never know, but likely most or all of them, and a quick passing is possibly a blessing.
A few days ago someone went to the ER with GSW to the head, the official cause of death is another gun violence statistic, but he wouldn't have shot himself if he didn't have terminal, systemic cancer. So in reality, the cancer is what killed him, because he wasn't up for going through chemo and radiation again, with little hope.

So what do the experts say is the death rate for those that have contracted CORVID-19?
Originally they were saying 24% for those over 80, 2-4% in the general population.
Now the general population figure is estimated to be something like 0.06% and that number is admittedly probably still high due to the number of mild cases that go undetected and unreported.

As a single event: it is pretty traumatic mentally to the population, with 88k deaths, but Corona viruses only hit like this about once every 10 years. So the annual average is something like 9k, vs 20-30k for the normal flu, making this statistically less impactful on the population.

Some other reference numbers might help to put it into context:
approximately 100k die each year from medical mistakes
another similar number die from smoking related issues.

Heart disease: 647,457
Cancer: 599,108
Accidents (unintentional injuries): 169,936
Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 160,201

These last 4 were taken from the CDC's web site.
The 4th one, lower respiratory, is what CORVID-19 targets.

Conclusion: Yes, take precautions, but don't panic.
And keep developing games.
You've managed to get the hard parts done:
1) make a working program
2) figure out how to post it on new grounds

A bit rough.
I would suggest working on the sound design and slowing the hair trigger movement.
The movement might make more sense on a touch screen, so if that's your target market that scans.
Multiple lives might make the experince feel a bit less fragile, and possibly more experssive or threating enemies would really tie it together.
Keep working, and thank you for making this.

FS2020 responds:

Thank you, this advice is much appreciated and being taken into consideration.
thanks yes I'm new to development and plan on releasing more games
yes it is exactly a watered down clone of a space invader clone. LOL
( belive it or not, t'was my first ever program or app to ever be completed .) I know a 6th grader could do it.
My inspiration to begin compiling sourcecode and developing this type of game are advanced arcade shooters like Shikhondo: Soul Eater, and arcade games like stepmaniax and DDRV

this prototype/gamedemo to use of Smartphones and Web browser, and hopefully smart TV as a promotional digital game until I'm able to release another better , full and complete experience.

the fate of the projects are unknown but thank you so much for the contribution;
im also planning on developing 3D games for smart TV, but im just starting out and going to learn more syntax from the 2d app development so I can familiarize myself with the software I will be using for the 3d game for Entertainment Consoles and Smart Devices...

multiple lives sounds neat idea I might implement in the future.
This was published on 5/16/2020 it was my first program :p

Honestly I love newgrounds since I was a little boy I remember titles such as Xiao Xiao and ganguro simulator

I just wanted to test the HTML5 version of this app before testing the android .APK
the .APK is being tested by amazon and hopefully they will release this app demo for free on the Prime Store.
if accepted I plan on releasing to Play store, and Microsoft store for testing

It looks pretty good, but after a while the spaceships stop coming, and when I move left or right, the ship moves straight to the right side and left side of the screen.

FS2020 responds:

releasing a playable version for mobile device that works best ! ! ! 🛰️
it works really good on tablet and smart phones👩‍🚀
it is not recommended for long or excessive playing 🚀

also going to make a version that supports joystick to run on most gamepads and entertainment consoles, smart TVs 🌌

I will look into that. beware for co-vid virus that spawns on the left side of the screen🛰️
it should be infinite respawn.. if you stop shooting at the co-vid it is consider a cheat since the point is to target the co-vid, the game will just runs for long time with no more enemies covid coming. //enjoy the song and trip ☄️

their are few projects :)🛰️

its to bring awareness to the dangers of covid in a clicker shooter game 🔫

Credits & Info

2.57 / 5.00

May 15, 2020
3:50 PM EDT
  • Audacity
  • Gimp
  • AppGameKit