Head in the Clouds & Stale Snacks

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Rav finds out the weather forecast and Kit wants a snack.

Voices my Maz Zolp and Michael Chandler

Music by Michael Chandler

Shout out to the Patreon producers Aaron Margolin and Miles MacMahon


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Really nice job! Love both the animation and voice-acting!

kinda ends on a weird note, but that makes it feel candid, which matches the vibe. I only wish they were longer and there were more of them. Enjoyable and relaxing, with a nice style too

Mosh-Bit-Cartoons responds:

Thanks dude. Yeah I definitely want to work on more long-form stuff in the future.

Love the art style, and the conversations feel very real.

That's what it's like to live next to an airport.
Also the zoning out thing is 100% accurate

Mosh-Bit-Cartoons responds:

Funny fact is I live pretty close to an airport and the line at the end was actually an out-take where a planes kept flying by while I trying to record. Later on as I went through the audio footage I found it kind of funny how frustrated I was getting so I left it in.

I obviously added a louder plane sound to make it extra obvious.

Nice show