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Madness Ignominy

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It's been a while...

This short can be discribed as a discount Tricky Madness 2 but canon in a tribute series.

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jayton ate too much cheese before bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More work from you is quite welcome! You definitely captured the spirit of Tricky Madness 2 with this one. Getting drilled in the eyes is a unique way to kick things off after one character takes a big fall. Ripping someone else's jaw off in retaliation was brutal. I also liked that twist where it all turned out to be a dream. My only qualm is that it doesn't seem very clear how this plays into your Capitation tribute series aside from sharing the protagonist in common. Is this dream sequence supposed to take place before the main entries? Perhaps a future installment will give more insight into that matter. Either way, nice to see you're still around on Newgrounds and making Madness animations.

smotez responds:

Fuck yes man, you completely understood everything I was trying to get across! Yeah it's not really fitting into the Capitation series in any meaningful way, it is a prequel to Capitation 1 probably 6 hours before it all kicks off. Appreciate the love CM!

You had my attention with the powertools and you kept it. Loved the bit where the blade got stuck in the dude's skull.

smotez responds:

Holy shit, praise from Caeser!

Lul geez Spadz, give ol Smo' a break! He had a point about the lack of feet, but if it's supposed to be a tribute to Tricky Madness 2, which also lacked feet, then it's passable. It's still something that stands out though. Acknowledging the fact that this is meant to be a "short" and not a full-length feature is also pretty necessary here.
For its value as a short- I loved the sadistic jaw-ripping early on. I think you captured the mood of TM2 pretty well here, and I found the use of older assets (such as the Vcam and some of the graphics) to be quite charming. Perhaps a bit of a nostalgic bias on my part, but what can I say? I just think it's awesome to see you're still around. I'm curious to see how this will play in to future installments. Take care!

smotez responds:

Hey man, glad you enjoyed it and more importantly understood what I was creating. Much love Link.

I mean... c'mon it's not even worked to be scary it's just gore for being gore and i don't like that, this is just digusting i hope you will work to do something better..

smotez responds:

It was exactly that; gore for the sake of gore.

I did say in the authors comments that it is a "Discount tricky madness 2" which should of given you a good indication of what to expect. but yeah this really isn't for everyone so it's ok that you didn't enjoy it.