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Smook Shoodoo

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Technical Notes:

-game has been optimized for lower preforming mobile devices but doesn't guarantee consistent gameplay

Made with Phaser.js


  • some partially hand drawn and further edited using Aesprite and other various software(s)
  • background wall art are actually original works (some even stickers)
  • https://www.instagram.com/madmediawiz/ Instagram account if interested ;)

Sound Design

Self Criticism

I think for the fun of it I'm going to self-criticize my work.

  • Ending Rounds/Start new Round impedes the "flow" of the game. It breaks rhythm of interaction/engagement for players. Perhaps a continuous wave of enemies until a new Level entry would have been a smoother transition.This consequently breaks up the "challenging factor"

  • Reward system/power ups are nonexistent and could have benefited the game dynamics/"driving motive"

  • inefficiency¬†of game design, the game could have been made simpler One level design if the objective was to make it a short arcade like game

  • No or weak of motivator, the game tries to compensates this with media design but the overall design is not yet fully grasped or obtained its theme. The theme identity is yet to be known it is not yet harmonized and could result uninspiring to some. Also uses an additive combo point system but lacks a score board implementation which neglects the use of competitive play.

  • Lack of emotive output, a possible missed opportunity for comical humor or a narrative story

  • Miss-use of 2.5-D implementation, the game sprites "sits" atop the 3-D model, the 3-D models are not effectively used henceforth should have been 2-D background instead.

  • Various inconsistencies in animation drawings, the lack of a smooth animations (for the target theme) hinders the aesthetics

  • There are some evasive glitches that occurs: the enemy with the bandanna sometimes freezes and reactivates upon being hit. The game can sometimes not fully initialize upon first loading. Combo counts are zero'd when fighting the boss.

  • GUI is lacking in design and rough transitioning

  • How to play tutorial is messy and inconsistent

  • End game is uninspiring

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i hated it

madmediawiz responds:

Thanks glad you hate to love it ;)

I enjoyed both art, music, and concept!

madmediawiz responds:

thanks for feedback! Glad you enjoyed it.

Credits & Info

2.82 / 5.00

May 6, 2020
2:29 PM EDT