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Magical Girl Z

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Created for the Magical Girl Jam and RPG Maker Stay at Home Jam!

In a world... with vaguely gritty graphics.... and anime obsessed scientists in need of side-titty. Zelle has the unfortunate coincidence of having a vaguely magical-girl like appearance, which was apparently enough for this... "magical talking dog scientist" to entrust her with the power to save their world.

Does that sound ridiculous? Well that's because it is!!

Join Zelle, the annoyed middle aged secretary as she's forced to fight the zombie apocalypse caused by fanboys trying to create "The waifu of their dreams". Convinced that bitch from HR must have spiked her drink with something, she decides to play along and hope she can make it home to play her switch later.


-Custom art

-A blend of genres so strange it was powerful enough to convince you to keep reading

-A side-view action rpg system

-The existential question of if this the zombie apocalypse, and this dog is a scientist, THEN WHO IS DRIVING THE CAR?!?

Note: I'm proud to say this short 10-15 minute game was made with my girlfriend, who always supports the things I do. I hope all of you can enjoy it. 

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The game is fine itself, but it doesn't seem to be entertaining.
First off, the game's very short. You only counter three enemies (Four if you wanted to help the gangster, which is optional.), which one of third/fourth of it is the boss battle. In fact, it could've gone longer if Zelle uses her powers in order to save a girl and then go on a relationship with her. This isn't really an LGBT game, because the story never constructs that Zelle is a lesbian until the very end of the actual game. A lesbian flag, big or small, in her office could've constructed that. If you're reading this before you've beaten the game, make sure you get to Level 6, which gives you the "Wrath of the Goddess" skill. This skill is much more powerful than the "Here comes the Boom" skill, because the damage isn't lower than 80 and takes three times to kill a zombie.
Second, the game doesn't really have a blend of genres. You're not actually fighting zombies like in Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter, you're fighting them in a traditional RPG turn-based system. RPG Maker is powerful to make games besides RPGs, but either remove those conflicting tags or actually develop a fighting-brawler game with RPG Maker. In brawler games, you usually have melee combat. In this game, sure, but your fists work nothing towards to the Failed Waifu, as they result in around 20 damage, which is very low compared to the damage you deal towards the other zombies. Brawler games provide players of more moves than just a standard punch, but in here, you can only either attack physically or use magic. To fix that, make physical attacks matter more than magic for Zelle. Make skills that use physical damage rather than elemental damage. Make her magic attack stat terrible, but her magic defense a bit better, as she's more of a Knight/Martial Arts. The fourth point in the featuring list doesn't make any grammatical sense. You don't travel a lot in this, due to how short the game is. How to fix? Just remove it, because it doesn't even involve the game at all.

Even though this was just a 10-15 minute adventure, it felt like an experience that not even some AAA games nowadays could offer. Also, i would have never that she would turn out to be a lesbian. Truly a masterpiece.

Great job! Just wish it was longer haha

Now that...that's a game. Once again your humorous touches make these all the much more enjoyable.

thelastyurisamurai responds:

Happy to hear it went over well! I'm beginning to share some of my titles usually only shown on itch to other websites so I'm happy to see them gain some traction!

really good