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A Crack In My Skin

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On a dark, cold night, we find Cera getting ready for bed.

But she finds something too.

29/4 - Frontpaged, daily 1st and weekly 4th!?!!? Thanks everyone glad you like the toon :))))

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So this was dark but I liked it, the animation and story that follows was intense especilly going from room to room, I may suggest adding some small lighting effects to enhance the dark element, And so an entertaining experience we have come up with here there are some things that you could do to make it better but I will leave that for later, But for the mostpart I was entertained with your movie entry here, It is always a pleasure to review differant stuff and I like what I have come acoross here its differant but also has some of the mainstream style that I have also come to enjoy so nice work there.

I may suggest adding some small lighting effects to enhance the dark element


The more im replaying this great, absolutely amazing animation, the more im beginning to realize a bit better what message its trying to show. Maybe its because the situation seems kinda relatable.... not entirely ofc, no no.

Work of perfection. I think it also delivered a clear message while expressing its Gothic art style.

Top notch existential horror. The immutability of self identity. Or something. When the shell begins to crack...

Really LOVE how unconventional of a take this on on body horror. Instead of doing stuff like gore it makes something alive looks and sound artificial. It's quite chilling, I hope to see more stuff like this!